Mexican Creamed Corn

This Mexican Creamed Corn is a fun and easy side dish…perfect for summer evenings on the back porch!

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This Mexican Creamed Corn is a fun and easy side dish...perfect for summer evenings on the back porch!I’m fond of saying that anything can be turned into a taco.  Whenever we have leftovers, Laura is quite adept at taking said leftovers and recreating them in taco form for dinner.  Heck, I even followed her lead and made these ice cream cones last summer.  (Sure, they aren’t shaped like tacos, but they could be!)  Well, apparently repurposing foods runs in Laura’s family as her younger sister can turn anything into a dip.  Give her a bag of tortilla chips, and everything is a dip!

This Mexican Creamed Corn is a fun and easy side dish...perfect for summer evenings on the back porch!Back in Atlanta, Laura threw me one epic 30th birthday party.  (I won’t admit how long ago that was.)  But seriously, this party involved a 2-story inflatable water slide.  The top of the slide was level with the window in our 2nd-floor bedroom.  We went retro with the party theme.  I’m talking old-school candy like Big League Chew and Pop Rocks.  I’m talking a massive birthday cake shaped like a dinosaur.  I basically refused to admit that I was entering my 30s, so I partied like a kid!  Take that water slide and add a couple dozen friends and some beer, and that’s how we rolled that afternoon.  Right in the middle of our driveway in suburban Atlanta!

This Mexican Creamed Corn is a fun and easy side dish...perfect for summer evenings on the back porch!But to bring this story back, we’d made a huge batch of my mother’s Black Bean Salad.  This is one of our favorite side dishes for hot summer days, and I’m actually surprised that I’ve never posted it here.  I’ll have to get on that sometime soon!  But we had a massive bowl of this bean salad for the party.  In walks Laura’s younger sister with a bag of tortilla chips, and she digs right into the bean salad.  Wait.  That’s a side dish, I told her.  She responded by dipping another chip into the bowl.  But I had to admit that she was onto something there…that bean salad was pretty darn good as a dip!

This Mexican Creamed Corn is a fun and easy side dish...perfect for summer evenings on the back porch!As I was making this Mexican Creamed Corn the other day, it totally reminded me of that bean salad/dip and Laura’s younger sister.  As I stood in the kitchen looking at this bowl of Mexican Creamed Corn, I thought it might be good as a dip.  So I opened up a bag of tortilla chips, and sure enough.  Tasty!  (I think the extra salt from the chips really seals the deal for me.)  It’s kinda like a corn salsa, but with a notable tomatillo flavor going on.

This Mexican Creamed Corn is a fun and easy side dish...perfect for summer evenings on the back porch!Speaking of tomatillos, have you guys ever cooked with these?  We can’t get many Mexican ingredients way up here in upstate New York, but we are lucky enough to always have tomatillos in the store.  Every time we pass them, Laura tells me we should make a batch of green salsa.  I’ll get around to that some day, but for now I’m sticking with this Mexican Creamed Corn.

The tomatillos give this dish a really fun twist, and the bit of crema (or sour cream) stirred in at the end adds a delicious tang, too.  On a side note, if you can’t get crema in your area, Alton Brown has a good recipe for it.  Sour cream is similar in a pinch, but do give the real deal a shot sometime.  (It’s a must when making this Grilled Mexican Street Corn…which is another favorite around here when fresh summer corn is plentiful in the grocery store.)

Serve up this Mexican Creamed Corn as a fun summer side dish…or grab some tortilla chips and dig right in!

This Mexican Creamed Corn is a fun and easy side dish...perfect for summer evenings on the back porch!

Mexican Creamed Corn

This Mexican Creamed Corn is a fun and easy side dish...perfect for summer evenings on the back porch!
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Servings: 6 servings
Calories: 163kcal



  • Using a large skillet, add butter and place over medium-high heat. Once butter has melted, add onions and red bell pepper; cook for 4-5 minutes, or until onions have softened.
  • Add tomatillos; continue cooking for 4-5 minutes, or until tomatillos have softened.
  • Add corn; cook for 5-6 more minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Remove from heat and add crema/sour cream, lime juice, cilantro, salt and red pepper flakes; stir until well combined.

This Mexican Creamed Corn is a fun and easy side dish...perfect for summer evenings on the back porch!

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  1. Hahah – David, that sounds like one EPIC 30th birthday party with that 2 story waterslide – though am curious, with it being level with your 2nd story bedroom window…did that mean y’all jumped out of the window onto the waterslide? Maybe after a couple of beers? 🙂 I hope y’all took tons of pictures – hey – you might be able to recreate that party up in Upstate NY?

    Lil Shashi sometimes does the same dip thing that Laura’s sister does – if I make a quinoa and veggie dish that’s not salty enough, she will grab some chips and start dipping! I can totally see how this creamed corn would be delicious with some chips – though am seeing how it’s just as delicious all by itself too! Happy Friday, my friend! Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend up there!

    1. So somehow we managed to NOT climb out of the window onto the water slide…haha! It had stairs you climbed up to a little landing there on the “2nd floor.” We did indeed take tons of photos, and we enjoy going back looking at them from time to time. And believe me, there has been talk of recreating this party here in New York. I’m thinking for the big 4-0…although I’ve fortunately got another year or two before I get there. 🙂

      We did indeed have a fun weekend up here, and I hope you gals did, too! Enjoy the season, my friend…and please don’t melt away down there. Haha!

  2. H i David. Sounds like a great time was had by all at your party! This corn would not last long here. I can’t get tomatillos here so I would have to substitute green chiles; we are getting fresh corn which would be excellent in this. Alas, no crema either, but I can make that. Have a great weekend!

    1. So I think you could totally sub in some green chiles instead of tomatillos. (Although I’m a little surprised you can’t get tomatillos in your neck of the woods…especially since we can find ’em way up here in upstate New York!) Anyways, this creamed corn is an excellent way to use fresh farm corn! We can’t get crema here, either, so I sometimes just make my own or sometimes I just cheat and use sour cream. Either way, this one is loaded with flavor, and it makes for a fun summer side dish. I hope you and Gary had a great weekend…and I hope you guys didn’t get into too much trouble! 🙂

  3. In nine years, when I turn 30 (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it), I’m SO having a giant inflatable water slide too. Laura is brilliant! Mexican ingredients are, of course, plentiful down here and tomatillos are one of my favorites. I’m definitely going to try this! I can never have enough ways to use corn in the summer. Have a great weekend!

    1. Wait. You’re only 21!? You had me fooled, Kelsie. 😉 A GIANT inflatable water slide is the only way to go when you cross a big birthday milestone. I’m thinking I need to recreate that party here in upstate New York when I hit 40. I’ve got a couple years to plan that one, though. But you and Cookie are totally invited! 🙂 I’m jealous at all of the Mexican ingredients you have access to down there. They’re few and far between here in our area, but we make do. Hope you had a great weekend, my friend!

  4. David, you should definitely reveal how many years ago you had your 30th birthday party. If you wish, I can reveal this as well. But you’ll do it first. Once you’ve announced the years, I’ll immediately do the same. Certainly (Probably…Maybe…Will see). Deal? I do love corn, and we always have a bag in the fridge (because let’s admit frozen corns are as good as fresh ones). I usually sautee corn with some butter, a little of seasonings like pepper and paprika, and herbs – so simple yet scrumptious! Sour cream is an interesting touch here. I need this corn right now. But I guess you won’t be able to deliver this within few hours so I don’t have a choice but pull a pan. Have a nice weekend!

    1. Hmmm…I’m not sure I believe you, Ben. I mean I trust you and all, but I think you are just trying to trick me. Because I definitely know you are a trickster! Haha! We love corn around here, too, and I agree with you that corn is one of those ingredients that freezes really well. We often grab fresh summer corn, cut it off the stalk and then freeze that for later during non-corn season. 🙂 So this creamed corn sounds kinda similar to your sauteed corn. Give it a shot with a touch of sour cream (or make some crema!) next time. It’s a good twist. I promise! And if you don’t like it, then I’ll tell you how many years it’s been! (But I promise you’ll like it…so my offer is safe. Haha!)

  5. I have seen a few Mexican corn dishes on different blogs of late, they all look so tasty. I love sweet corn, so I am sure that I would love them. This Mexican creamed corn sounds delicious. We actually grew tomatillos in our garden last year and made canned some salsa verde with them. Good stuff.

    1. I love, love, love Mexican corn! I’ve done regular Mexican corn as well as a Mexican corn salad. While this one is similar, it does go in a bit of a different direction. The sour cream (or crema) is seriously a delicious addition to fresh corn! And, wow, you grew tomatillos? Awesome! I might have to look into growing some of those myself next year. What a fun idea! Thanks, Dawn!

    1. There are so many tasty flavors in this dish, Deepika! And better than that is how easy this one comes together. I love using fresh farm corn in side dishes like this one…and we’re lucky since fresh corn is plentiful around here right now. Thanks so much, and I’ll have to put that black bean salad on the list to share! 🙂 Happy Monday, my friend!

  6. This is so my kind od of dish. Unfortunately, in my little island, tomatillo’s have only aopesred once in 9 years! I’m in the states now, so I will have to try to make this before I leave.

    1. Hey there, Cathy! I can totally understand tomatillos being difficult to find on your island. But, hey, you make up for it by having amazing views, right? 🙂 Do try to give this a shot while you’re in the States! And Dorothy above commented that green chilies might be a good substitute for the tomatillos. If you can get green chilies (even the canned ones) back on the island, then that might be worth a shot! Thanks so much, and I hope you are doing well. Enjoy your time here in the States, my friend!

  7. Corn is my jam! Seriously it’s my favorite thing to eat during the summer months, naturally sweet and it’s good for you, what’s not to love. I’ve never had Mexican Creamed Corn, but I have had Mexican Corn and the cob and it is damn tasty. everything can be turned into tacos, lol. Wow, nothing says 30th birthday like a 2-story inflatable water slide. 🙂 I love retro party themes, take me back to the good ole days anytime.

  8. Corn is your jam? As in corn jam? Haha! (Is that such a thing? If not, can we make it be a thing?) I’m with ya on the Mexican Corn train. It’s so darned delicious! I even turned those flavors into a corn salad last year. But this year I went in a slightly different direction with creamed corn. Give this one a shot, though! Mexican flavors play so well with fresh corn. Oh, and you are totally invited when we recreate that 2-story water slide party here in upstate New York! I’m thinking for my 40th…although I’ve got a couple more years to keep planning that one first. Hah! Thanks so much, Mary, and I hope you had an awesome weekend!

  9. That sounds like quite the birthday party you had! I don’t care how old I am, I always love to have fun 🙂 ! Anything into a taco, huh? I agree! I always loved tacos and we pretty much eat them a couple of times a week and it definitely is a great way to use leftovers or repurpose food!
    I’m a huge fan of corn and this one looks awesome, David!! Love all the flavours in there. Tomatillos are not the easiest to get around here, but I’ll have to keep my eye out next time I’m at the grocery cause I need to make this one! Have a great week 🙂 !!

    1. Oh man, that was one heck of a party, Dawn! We’ve been toying with the idea of doing it again up here…but I’m not sure we can ever come close. (Plus, we all have kids now, so the party will look a little different. I mean, I love the kids…but beer races down the slide don’t mix with kids! Haha!) So Dorothy mentioned above that green chilies would be a totally acceptable substitute here, and I think she’s onto something. If you can’t find tomatillos up there, then just try some canned green chilies. Either way, enjoy! Thanks so much, Dawn, and enjoy your vacation this week!

    1. Oh that was one amazing party, Marissa! Laura did a great job throwing me one heck of a party…and it ended up being one of the last big get-togethers we had with friends before we left Atlanta. Great memories! Also, thanks so much for the kind words about this creamed corn. It really is delicious, and perfect for fresh corn season! 🙂

  10. My sister in law always says, “Let’s taco it!” She serves warmed corn tortillas with every meal. Turning foods into dips is brilliant. No plate needed. Just dip away! Plus that salt on tortilla chips is always the best! This corn dish/dip looks fabulous!

    1. I’m all about taco nights! We’ve had some pretty fun twists on tacos thanks to the random leftovers in our fridge on different nights. But this creamed corn really does work as a dip! I intended for it to be a side dish, but hey, salty tortilla chips are always a winner around here…especially with a cold beer on a warm day! 🙂 Thanks, Kathy!!

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