Smoked Beef Chuck Roast with Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Slow-smoked until tender and juicy, this Smoked Beef Chuck Roast is served with a (surprisingly easy) Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce!

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Slow-smoked until tender and juicy, this Smoked Beef Chuck Roast is served with a (surprisingly easy) Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce!Shortly after Laura and I moved to upstate New York, we took a long weekend roadtrip through Vermont.  It took less than 24 hours for us to fall in love with that state!  Vermont’s nickname is the Green Mountain State, and green really is the image that comes to mind when I think about Vermont.  (The Green Mountain nickname actually comes from the Green Mountains that run the length of the state.)  Over the years, we’ve taken a number of roadtrips into Vermont, although the population of our car has grown from 2 to 3.

Stratton Mountain, VermontA couple of weeks ago, Laura, Robbie and I spent the long Labor Day weekend at Stratton Mountain Resort in Vermont.  (Longtime readers might remember that we visited Stratton Mountain last Autumn, too.)  Stratton Mountain is a ski resort located in southwestern Vermont…hold up, ski resort?  In early September?  Yes!  As I’ve said before, ski resorts are one of the best kept summer vacation secrets!  Think about it.  The resorts have plenty of lodging and dining option, and those ski slopes?  They become great hiking trails and gentle hills in the summer.

Stratton Mountain, VermontThis year, we traveled up to Stratton with one of Laura’s coworkers and his wife.  We’ve become great friends, and they often come over for casual Friday night game nights.  After one of these recent game nights, Laura and I were sipping on our coffee the next morning, and we realized that it would be fun to spend the long weekend together, too.  So we coordinated schedules and made it happen!  (The board games came along, too, but we actually found ourselves just hanging out and talking in the condo instead.)

Stratton Mountain, VermontSpeaking of condo, we stayed in a 2-bedroom condo in Hearthstone Lodge at Stratton Mountain.  The condo was spacious with a large back deck that overlooked nearby mountains.  A cold front passed through the area while we were there, and I definitely enjoyed my morning coffee on the porch.  There’s nothing better than a crisp, quiet morning in the mountains with a mug of coffee in hand!  All in all, this was a great way to travel with friends while still having our own space.

Stratton Mountain, Vermont

Stratton Mountain, VermontOver the weekend, Stratton Mountain hosted a Blues, Brews and BBQ event, and this was a fun way to spend the afternoon!  We sampled beers from at least a dozen different local breweries while we sat back and listened to 3 different blues bands.  Oh, and there may or may not have been a couple of smoked brisket sandwiches in the mix, too!  Tasty food, delicious beers, good friends — what else do you need?

Slow-smoked until tender and juicy, this Smoked Beef Chuck Roast is served with a (surprisingly easy) Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce!Smoked Beef Chuck Roast with Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Needless to say, the entire weekend was a trip that all 5 of us will remember for quite a while!  Inspired by the Blues, Brews and BBQ event, I came back home and decided to whisk up a maple barbecue sauce.  Have you ever made homemade BBQ sauce?  It’s actually quite easy!  I decided to take the maple bbq sauce idea to the next level by adding a bit of bourbon in there.  This Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce is a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy and a little bit smoky.  And the unique kick from the bourbon just adds another fun layer of flavor.  In short, this BBQ sauce is delicious!

Slow-smoked until tender and juicy, this Smoked Beef Chuck Roast is served with a (surprisingly easy) Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce!

A couple months ago, I heard about the idea of smoking a chuck roast (aka chuck roll or chuck-eye steak).  Yup, this is indeed the same cut of beef that you use for making pot roasts in the winter.  But we’re heading into Autumn, and that’s the best time of the year for smoking if you ask me!  Whenever I smoke meat (be it brisket, pulled pork, etc.), I get up early on a weekend morning to prep the smoker.  Once that’s done, I sit back on the porch with a cup of coffee, and I just enjoy the weather.  It’s cold enough to need a light jacket, and that freshly brewed cup of coffee is nothing short of perfection.  Add in the smell of the smoker heating up, and you’ve got the start to a perfect Fall day!  (Are you noticing a theme here with coffee and Autumn mornings?)

Smoked Beef Chuck RollBut back to this smoked chuck roast.  I’d been waiting for the right time to give this one a shot, and so this past weekend I decided the time had arrived.  After all, I had that Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce waiting in the fridge…and a good BBQ beef sandwich is one of my favorites!  I picked up a 9.5-pound bone-in chuck eye steak from my local butcher, and I got that bad boy on the smoker at around 8am.

From the size of it, you might think it would take forever to smoke.  I was pleased to discover that this smoked beef chuck roast was finished by mid-afternoon.  From there, I just shredded/chopped the smoked beef up and then mixed it with some of that BBQ sauce.  Woah!  Talk about flavor!

Slow-smoked until tender and juicy, this Smoked Beef Chuck Roast is served with a (surprisingly easy) Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce!If you’re looking for a fun weekend getaway for either a couple or a small group, definitely check out Stratton Mountain, VT!  Our group of 4 adults and 1 Robbie (2-years old) found plenty of things to do to keep us entertained for the weekend.  We spent the days either at the Blues, Brews and BBQ festival or just wandering around the village.  In the evenings, we retired back to our condo with board games and drinks.  Although he was a bit skeptical at first, Robbie loved the gondola ride up to the top of the mountain!  The memories of a weekend trip spent with good friends, good music and good food are hard to beat.  And that doesn’t even include the beautiful views of southern Vermont from the top of Stratton Mountain!

Stratton Mountain, Vermont

Stratton Mountain, VermontSo whether you’re thinking about a quick weekend getaway this Fall or a full-on family trip next year, keep Stratton Mountain, Vermont on the list!  Vermont produces more maple syrup than any other state in the US.  So once that vacation is booked, I suggest whipping up a batch of this Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce to get you excited about your trip!  Cheers, friends!

Smoked Beef Chuck Roast with Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Smoked Beef Chuck Roast with Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Slow-smoked until tender and juicy, this Smoked Beef Chuck Roast is served with a (surprisingly easy) Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce!
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Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 8 hours
Total Time: 8 hours 20 minutes
Servings: 12 servings
Calories: 633kcal


For the Beef

For the Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce


For the Beef

  • Using a small bowl, combine the spices for the rub. Generously apply rub to all sides of chuck roll; let sit at room temperature for an hour or in refrigerator overnight.
  • Preheat smoker to 225°-250°F.
  • Once the smoker has reached a stable temperature, add the wood chunks directly to the coals. Put the grate in place and place the chuck roll on top. Insert a probe thermometer into the center of the chuck roll, close the lid, and walk away.
  • Occasionally check the temperature of the smoker to ensure it stays within 225°-250°F.
  • When the internal temperature of the chuck roll reaches 165°F, remove the beef and place in the disposable aluminum pan. Pour the stock into the pan and cover the pan with foil; place pan back on the smoker.
  • When the internal temperature of the chuck roll reaches ~195°F-200°F, remove from the smoker. Leave the chuck roll in the aluminum pan and let it rest for at least 30 minutes before shredding.
  • Shred/chop the chuck roll into smaller pieces.
  • To serve, layer smoked beef on sandwich rolls and top with maple bourbon bbq sauce.

For the Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce

  • Using a medium saucepan, add all ingredients; stir until well combined. Place over medium heat and bring to a simmer, stirring often. Continue simmering for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

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  1. I’ve only been to Vermont once and it was a very brief trip but someday I’ll spend some real time there. It’s so beautiful! I can see how spending a long weekend with friends (and coffee!) would be an unforgettable trip. As for the chuck roast—that BBQ sauce sounds incredible! Maple and bourbon? Just give me a spoon!

    1. Yes! Put Vermont on your list of places to go and visit. And make sure it’s a nice long vacation, too. Perhaps when you come out to go to the maple sugar weekend? 🙂 Also, I had no idea homemade BBQ sauce is so easy to make! The maple + bourbon twist here is a fun (and yummy) change. Thanks, Kelsie!!

  2. What a fun (and delicious) weekend that must have been. I’ve never been to Vermont and it’s been on my list forever. The combination of ingredients in the bbq sauce sounds SO good. Mouth-watering! I’m all over it.

    1. Keep Vermont on your list, Valentina! Actually, check that, just plan a vacation to Vermont instead. 🙂 It really is an awesome state. Our goal is to see a moose in Vermont, but that hasn’t happened yet. Haha! (But we have seen plenty of moose crossing signs on the roads…) Also, this BBQ sauce? So good…and so easy, too! Thanks so much, my friend!

  3. Hi David! Vermont is indeed a beautiful state. One of Gary’s sisters has a vet clinic in Rutland and we visited her a number of years ago. Her house sits at the base of a mountain – what a view! We also visited his Dad in Maine on that same trip and that is another gorgeous state. Now, as to this sandwich YES! Chuck has such good flavor and smoking it makes it even better and this sauce sounds amazing!

    1. You’ve mentioned Gary’s sister in Rutland before, and I’ve got to say that I envy her. Rutland is only an hour and half from here, and it’s a beautiful little town. (We’ve only driven through it on the way to other places, though.)

      And yes to smoking chuck! I was a little unsure about it as I thought it might taste like a pot roast, but nope. It was quite tasty, and that maple bourbon BBQ sauce was a fun addition, too. Thanks so much, Dorothy!

  4. Fantastic surroundings. Just beautiful. And I’m all over the coffee porch cool morning thing. As for BBQ, we’re in Kansas City, and it’s more than a dish here, it’s a lifestyle :). That said, yours looks like magic on a plate. The good kind, not the flying monkey stuff. Nicely done.

    1. Hahaha! The flying monkey stuff? I’m tempted to ask…but no, just no. You’re right that BBQ sauce is a way of life there in Kansas City. I visited KC for a night earlier this summer, and I ate some of the best burnt ends I’ve ever had in my life! Oh man, now I’m craving those again…haha. Thanks, Bill!

  5. Your trip to Vermont sounds like a lot of fun, David! Glad it also inspired you to making this delicious smoked beef. The BBQ sauce with maple and bourbon does sound great indeed. But what are you going to smoke next? Apples, pumpkin, maybe lavender? (If seriously, smoked butternut squash might be a thing…imagine it combined with a salad, bruschettas, or mac&cheese).

    1. Our vacations always inspire us to make different foods and recipes when we get back home. Part of it helps us remember the fun times of the trip, and part of it helps just mix up the routine of what we cook. It’s fun! I might have to pass on the smoked lavender, but what about a smoked apple pie? Like smoke the apples lightly and then bake ’em in a pie. Could that work??

  6. Friday night game night sounds like a blast and a road trip even more so! We’ve never been to Vermont, but it sounds lovely! Always so nice when a trip or restaurant inspires you to make a dish. Then, every time you eat it, it brings you right back. That bbq sauce sound deadly good too. Hubby is a fan of bourbon so I’ll have to give this one a try. Love the addition of maple in there too! Hope you have an awesome weekend ahead, David 🙂

    1. You should totally take a trip south sometime, Dawn! Vermont really is a gorgeous state, and I’d be it isn’t all that far from you…maybe?? So this bbq sauce is SO tasty, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make. The sweetness from the maple plus that splash of bourbon are fun twists. Feel free to add more bourbon to your taste! Thanks so much, my friend!

    1. It was indeed a fun weekend, Kathy…and like all fun weekends, it went by way too fast. Thanks so much, my friend. I hope you have a great weekend ahead!

    1. Getting recipe inspiration from traveling is one of my favorite things, Lucie! It brings back all of the fun memories from the trip, and it often introduces me to new ideas in the kitchen. Who knew BBQ sauce is so easy to make at home!? Thanks so much!

  7. Mouthwatering sandwiches, David! The sauce looks so tasty and the beef so tender!

    I can see why you fell in love with Vermont. Gorgeous photos! And it sounds like the Stratton Mountain Resort definitely looks like the place to stay.

    1. Thank you so much, Marissa! I had no idea BBQ sauce was so easy to make, and this maple + bourbon version will definitely have you coming back for more. 🙂 And, yes, Vermont is a wonderful place to visit. We try to get over there whenever we can…which isn’t as often as we’d like with a toddler, but he’s getting better at traveling now!

  8. So many things to love about this, the least of which is chuck roast, which is one of my favorite pieces of meat. Coincidentally, a few weeks ago, I toured a farm distillery – they grow the grains that they distill, on a beautiful Centennial farm on a dirt road along a beautiful, meandering river … I mean, it was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. But to the point, they gave me more shots of more alcohols than you can shake a stick at, but then they gave me a little taste of some maple syrup that they had aged in oak barrels that had been used to age bourbon (so that they could afterward use those same barrels to age some more bourbon), and let me tell you, my eyes just about rolled into the back of my head. It was so good. So, great combo of flavors!

      1. Ah, that makes more sense, Jeff.

        So that maple syrup aged in bourbon barrels…so good! We gave that as gifts to pretty much everyone we knew last year. Such a unique thing, but so good. Since you know the wonders of combining maple + bourbon, that means you need to make this BBQ sauce. It’s delicious! (especially on smoked chuck!) Thanks so much, my friend.

  9. Fun time you guys must of had. The Blues, Brews and BBQ event would of been tops on my list. I’ve never smoked beef chuck, but I have used it in Korean BBQ. Sounds great to me and your BBQ sauce looks like it would compliment that smoked chuck very well.

    1. We did indeed have a great time, Ron! Vermont is such an awesome state. Everything is so relaxed and calm, and the views are just stunning! So I was intrigued what would happen when smoking a beef chuck, and it turns out it smokes quite well! It shreds easily for sandwiches. And speaking of sandwiches, that easy BBQ sauce is now a house favorite!

  10. I remember y’alls visit to Stratton Mountain Resort last year – and am loving your recap of this recent one. To be honest, I’d much rather hike those slopes than ski down them – so now I need to talk Lil S into a trip up there one of these days! am thinking if I used this sauce as a bribe, she wouldn’t need much convincing! Lovely family photos, David!

    1. Stratton Mountain is becoming our home away from home now, Shashi! It’s an easy trip over for us, but it feels a world apart from the busy hustle and bustle here at home. It’s so relaxing and peaceful! You absolutely need to convince Lil S to join you on a roadtrip into Vermont. Heck, y’all come on up here and I’ll drive! 🙂

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