Sauteed Sirloin Medallions with Pearl Onion Red Wine Sauce

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Too cold to pull out the grill?  These Sauteed Sirloin Medallions with Pearl Onion Red Wine Sauce are surprisingly easy to make on the stovetop!

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Too cold to pull out the grill?  These Sauteed Sirloin Medallions with Pearl Onion Red Wine Sauce are surprisingly easy to make on the stovetop!It’s been a cold winter so far.  I know I say this every year, but I swear that each winter lasts longer than the one before.  (On a side note, that statement confirms that I have indeed turned into my Dad.)

So last summer, we had a leak in our basement.  Unfortunately, the leak was inside of a basement cabinet, so it took a while before we discovered it.  By that point, the sheetrock, insulation and everything else was soaked.  Ugh.  I’m sure anyone who owns a home can identify with these random “joys” of home ownership, right?  We spent several hours drying off all of our CD’s from high school and college…that’s what the cabinet used to hold.

Too cold to pull out the grill?  These Sauteed Sirloin Medallions with Pearl Onion Red Wine Sauce are surprisingly easy to make on the stovetop!But how does this leak last summer relate to this freezing cold winter?  Well we found the source of the leak and fixed it.  Cool.  It was on the first floor of the house, so unfortunately all of the insulation below was soaked.  We pulled all of that insulation out of the basement wall and trashed it since dripping wet insulation isn’t very useful.  Problem was we neglected to replace said insulation.

Fast forward to this winter.  The leak was in the wall behind our refrigerator, and the first clue we had that something was wrong was when the water dispensing line behind the refrigerator froze.  I kid you not.  The line (which is inside the house) froze.  We started piecing it all together, and that’s when we realized our mistake.  Turns out that insulation really is a good thing!

Too cold to pull out the grill?  These Sauteed Sirloin Medallions with Pearl Onion Red Wine Sauce are surprisingly easy to make on the stovetop!Needless to say, our kitchen has been cold this winter.  We’ve had a fire going in the fireplace most weekends, and we even had a tiny countertop heater running to keep that water line from freezing…but it’s still cold.  Then again, it’s winter.  We’re more or less used to being cold.  And cold weather calls for delicious comfort food.  Cold weather calls for these Sauteed Sirloin Medallions with Pearl Onion Red Wine Sauce.  And I can say that these taste as good (if not better) than they sound!

Too cold to pull out the grill?  These Sauteed Sirloin Medallions with Pearl Onion Red Wine Sauce are surprisingly easy to make on the stovetop!This recipe for Sauteed Sirloin Medallions with Pearl Onion Red Wine Sauce comes directly from Certified Angus Beef ® brand.  And trust me when I say it’s a good one!  Certified Angus Beef ® brand is doing a really cool feature on Facebook this year.  On the first Monday of each month, they do a Facebook Live video showing you how to cook a fun recipe for that month.  And this Sauteed Sirloin Medallions with Pearl Onion Red Wine Sauce was the February recipe.  (If you can’t make it to see the live video at 12:30 (EST), then you can always find the video on replay.  Here’s a link to this month’s video with Certified Angus Beef ® brand’s own in-house chefs, Chef Michael and Chef Gavin, sharing some tips and tricks.)

Too cold to pull out the grill?  These Sauteed Sirloin Medallions with Pearl Onion Red Wine Sauce are surprisingly easy to make on the stovetop!I actually made these sauteed medallions for Laura on Valentine’s Day this year.  And here’s the thing…as fancy as these sound, they are incredibly easy to make!  We had dinner on the table in 30 minutes, and that includes me running off to take pictures of the pan, too!  I highly recommend this recipe.  That pearl onion red wine sauce is good enough to bottle and sell!  (I’m thinking serving these over some slow cooker mashed potatoes would be an ideal winter comfort food meal.)

Now I’m off to find the leftovers…and then go buy some more insulation for our wall.  Cheers, friends!

Too cold to pull out the grill?  These Sauteed Sirloin Medallions with Pearl Onion Red Wine Sauce are surprisingly easy to make on the stovetop!

Sauteed Medallions with Pearl Onion Red Wine Sauce

Too cold to pull out the grill?  These Sauteed Sirloin Medallions with Pearl Onion Red Wine Sauce are surprisingly easy to make on the stovetop!
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Servings: 2 servings
Calories: 540kcal



  • Pat beef medallions dry.
  • Using a large saute pan, heat oil over medium heat.
  • Sear medallions, browning for 2 minutes on each side to develop a dark mahogany crust; remove from pan.
  • Add pearl onions and sear until golden. Add red wine; reduce by half. Add beef stock, tomato paste, salt, pepper and thyme. Simmer 2 minutes until sauce has thickened.
  • Add medallions, cover and turn off heat. Allow to sit covered for five minutes before serving.

Too cold to pull out the grill?  These Sauteed Sirloin Medallions with Pearl Onion Red Wine Sauce are surprisingly easy to make on the stovetop!


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  1. I know I don’t say this every year, but our winter has been very mild so far, both in Toronto and now in Halifax. We have had a few very cold days, but the average temperature is very decent. Indeed, we haven’t had much snow – instead a lot of rain. Please tell you’re jealous now! Because I am totally jealous of you having this delicious dish. We rarely cook meat, and I don’t have much knowledge/experience so I didn’t realize beef can be cooked in no time. And combined with onions and red wine, that’s divine.

    1. Honestly, we’ve had a relatively mild winter all things considered. We had a silly cold spell there around Christmas, but it’s been relatively mild since. Relative is the key word here. It’s still cold. And it’s really cold in our kitchen thanks to the lack of that insulation. (Summer project list already has something on it!) So I recommend trying your hand at meat more often. I mean you might mess up, but that’s how you learn! And this particular recipe is really good, too. Nice and easy and full of flavor! Plus, it involves wine. 🙂 Thanks, Ben!

  2. Well, this was a lovely Valentine’s day treat! And it comes together so quickly which is always a bonus! Funny how sometimes we say things that reminds us of our parents – like, ‘a year goes so fast. So much faster than it used to’. Sucks about the leak, but at least you found it. Keep on sharing comfy, cold weather recipes, my friend, and try to stay warm!

    1. I was honestly surprised at how quickly this recipe came together! I mean I’ve always heard than pan sauces can be a bit challenging. Not this one! The red wine and pearl onions are incredible together…so much flavor. Thanks so much, Dawn!

  3. Oh the joys of home ownership–I feel your pain. It seems like at least once a month something goes wrong around here. And of course my dad is way too far away to come fix problems for me. . .why is being an adult so difficult? I’m going to study up on those videos. Even though I don’t actually eat meat I like to know how to cook it just in case. (In case of what I don’t know but my beef cooking skills are sorely lacking.) Stay warm, guys! Summer is around the corner!

    1. Home ownership is awesome and annoying at the same time. I mean how is there always something that needs fixed?? Just yesterday, I went to get soap from the dispenser at the kitchen sink, and the whole top piece just snapped off. Awesome. Back to Lowe’s this weekend. Haha! (Also, as I type this, a Lowe’s ad is running underneath…how do they know!?!) And I hear ya about cooking skills, too. It’s always handy to learn different tips and tricks! I mean even though you don’t eat meat, this red wine pearl onion pan sauce could come into play in another recipe sometime. Thanks, Kelsie!! (Also, can you pack up some warmth and mail it to me?)

  4. Oh no oh no about the insulation… or rather, lack thereof! Dude – leaks are no fun at all – while Lil Shashi and I LOVED the house we used to live in, we dubbed it our “Lil Money Pit House” as it sprung a leak almost every winter – but I shouldn’t complain too much as it was cos of one of those leaks that our plumber happened on our gas leak a few years ago! Oh well – hoping you got your installation situation handled – and then got to find the leftovers of these. Speaking of these medallions – dude, wow – the fact that you seared these to perfection AND had them photographed and on the table in 30 minutes blows my mind – what a fantastic Valentine’s dish for the 2 of y’all!

    1. Haha. The money pit. Actually, did you ever see the movie The Money Pit? It came out mid-80’s if I recall. My parents went to see it in the theaters back then, and I recall my Dad saying it was terrible. Not because the movie was bad, but because everything that went wrong in the house reminded him of us redoing our house in Charleston at that time. But home ownership also has many perks…particularly in the summer when we’re relaxing outside! Oh, and these sirloin medallions? So good! I can’t believe how quickly this entire recipe came together, and it had so much flavor, too. Thanks so much, Shashi!

  5. I’m trying not to become too much like my parents David, well in terms of their obsession with the weather anyway but I can’t help agreeing with your statement that this winter has lasted longer than the one before, so again maybe we’re both becoming like our parents too, LOL! Sorry to hear about your leak, what an utter nightmare, and then your water dispensing line freezing because of the insulation you had to take out. What bad luck! But you’re right with cold weather and calamities like that you do need comfort food and this sauted sirloin medallions with pearl onion red wine sauce is definitely that! Both comforting AND delicious! Hope you have a great weekend (and not too cold a one). Lynne and I are excited to be having a weekend away. Fortunately for us, the heating (which will be on full) is fully included in our accommodation price!

    1. Haha! I think it’s hopeless, Neil. As I’ve realized more and more lately, I’m just turning into my parents…there’s no stopping it! So the leak was a royal pain, but then the freezing water line and ice cold kitchen were a second surprise. I guess my chore list for the summer has already started! That’s ok, though. It just gives me yet another excuse for comfort food…like steak! Enjoy your weekend trip, my friend. Sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun!

    1. You’re telling me, Kathy! It first started with me being like “Wow, it’s really cold over here by the fridge.” Then when the water line back there froze, we realized what had happened. Oops. But this steak + red wine pan sauce is a great way to warm up…I know that from experience! 🙂

    1. So we’ve had a crazy week out here. It was 70° on Wednesday…70! Then it snowed 3″ on Thursday. Umph. I’m right there with ya, Manali. Spring can’t get here soon enough! 🙂

  6. I have a friend who literally built his house out of insulation. Styrofoam blocks. Then he poured cement into the blocks, which then became the house and the Styrofoam became two layers if insulation. But he never cooked me sirloin medalions.

    1. Woah…I’m kinda amazed that the whole ‘house out of insulation’ thing actually worked. I mean it makes sense, but woah. Now you just need to tell that friend to make you some sirloin medallions and life will be good! 🙂

    1. Haha…leaks are definitely not good! (Even more so in the dead of winter.) But these sirloin medallions totally made up for the fact that our kitchen is a bit frigid. 🙂 Thanks, Dawn!

  7. Insulation problems can be dreadful! Accidentally brush your arm against it for a second, ‘guess that’ll be itchy for the rest of the day.’ Such a hassle! Hopefully you’ll see an improvement to the heating bills with that realization too!

    These medallions look amazing, but I mean of course you had me at steak! Then go and add those pearl onions and wine sauce, that’s literally the accompaniment that steak was made for! Sign me up for next steak medallions dinner!

    1. Oh man, you’re totally right about insulation being itchy. I wore long sleeves (in the middle of summer) when we pulled all of the soaking wet insulation from the wall. And you better believe I’ll be wearing long sleeves again when we replace said insulation!

      So these sirloin medallions are incredible, Matt! And the amazing thing is how quickly this entire meal comes together. Definitely put this on a “surprise Hayley for dinner” night! Trust me!

  8. I don’t eat steak and I can pretty much count on one hand how many times my Mom cooked steak, so I’m lost when it comes to making steak. Winter always last longer than it should. The joy of ownership sounds overwhelming. I’m going to continue to rent for a few more years lol. Those potatoes look scrumptious.

    1. I totally hear ya, Mary! I do love a good steak, but I’m always afraid I’m going to overcook it. Not with this recipe though! It’s a nice and easy one, and Laura and I both enjoyed the flavors. Also, I support the renting decision. 🙂

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