Blueberry Cashew Granola

This Blueberry Cashew Granola makes one heck of a tasty (and easy) breakfast for busy, weekday mornings!

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This Blueberry Cashew Granola makes one heck of a tasty (and easy) breakfast for busy, weekday mornings!We made it!  The first week back after the holidays is always the hardest.  Plus, we’ve been packing up all of our holiday decorations this past week, and that just makes me sad.  (We have way more Christmas decorations than one family should ever have.)  But on the flip side, there’s also something nice about packing away the ornaments and decorations.  The house is clean and uncluttered again.  All of the cakes and treats have either been eaten or frozen for a couple of weeks.  And we’ve also turned our focus towards healthy dinners like this Healthy Spinach Artichoke Soup.  (That soup is our favorite detox meal after the holidays, and we make a huge batch of it every January.)

This Blueberry Cashew Granola makes one heck of a tasty (and easy) breakfast for busy, weekday mornings!Greek yogurt is one of our go-to weekday breakfasts, and we often make granola to crumble on top.  I like the extra little bit of texture from the toasted oats, nuts, etc.  Normally, this Maple Pecan Granola is our favorite flavor, but I decided to mix it up this past week.  I added in some dried blueberries and cashews, and I subbed the maple syrup out in favor of honey.  Oh, and I read a little trick somewhere about tossing the granola in an egg white right before it’s done baking.  Holy cow!  I love that little trick, and I’ve definitely added it to our granola-making routine!

This Blueberry Cashew Granola makes one heck of a tasty (and easy) breakfast for busy, weekday mornings!So the extra egg white helps create clusters of granola.  Granola sometimes ends up with little clusters on it’s own, and Laura and I love picking those clusters out when the granola is cooling on the countertop.  But the egg white addition turned the entire tray into clusters!  Seriously.  I was able to pick up big chunks of granola and then break them into smaller “crumbles” when I packed ’em away into the container.  (Of course, we might have sampled one or eight of those clusters in the process!

This Blueberry Cashew Granola makes one heck of a tasty (and easy) breakfast for busy, weekday mornings!I’ve gotta say that this Blueberry Cashew Granola absolutely rivals our Maple Pecan version.  It’s so different, and both are quite tasty…but I strongly suspect this Blueberry Cashew Granola version has earned a spot in the regular rotation of granolas in our house.  Do you make granola?  If not, then start.  Seriously!  It’s surprisingly easy to make a big batch, and it stores quite well in an airtight container on the counter.  (We sometimes freeze half of the batch if we know it’ll be a while before we get to it.)

This Blueberry Cashew Granola makes one heck of a tasty (and easy) breakfast for busy, weekday mornings!And homemade granola over yogurt is one heck of an awesome (and easy) breakfast!  It’s pitch-black dark outside when we wake up on these cold, January mornings…but knowing that I’ve got a batch of this Blueberry Cashew Granola downstairs makes getting out of bed a little easier.  Well, that and the cup of strong coffee that I know is waiting downstairs, too.  Have a great week, my friends!

This Blueberry Cashew Granola makes one heck of a tasty (and easy) breakfast for busy, weekday mornings!

Blueberry Cashew Granola

This Blueberry Cashew Granola makes one heck of a tasty (and easy) breakfast for busy, weekday mornings!
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 35 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Servings: 24 servings
Calories: 190kcal



  • Preheat oven to 350°F.
  • Using a large bowl, add all ingredients except for egg white and dried blueberries; stir until well combined.
  • Spread mixture onto a foil-lined sheet pan.
  • Bake for 25 minutes, stirring after 15 minutes.
  • Transfer granola back into mixing bowl. Add dried blueberries and egg white; mix until well combined.
  • Spread granola back onto sheet pan. Bake for 10 more minutes.
  • Let granola cool completely before sealing in an airtight container.

This Blueberry Cashew Granola makes one heck of a tasty (and easy) breakfast for busy, weekday mornings!

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  1. I love homemade granola. I have looked at recipes that use egg whites, but have never tried it with any of the granolas that I have made. I definitely will try it. The clusters are my favorite part of granola. Love the combination of ingredients in this blueberry cashew granola.

    1. You should definitely try the egg white trick, Dawn! I was a little skeptical, too, but I love how it turned out. Nice big chunks of granola ready to snack on! (Maybe a little too ready as I kept walking by and grabbing another piece!) Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend! 🙂

  2. I do make granola but not near as often as I should!! I’ve actually been craving it lately and then I go ahead and see this yummy recipe!! Love the flavours and topped over some Greek yogurt and I’m one happy lady…with coffee, of course 😉 Those clusters are the BEST – like a muffin top with muffins, lol. Have a wonderful week, David 🙂

    1. You should totally give this granola recipe a shot, Dawn! It’s easy to make, and I love easy the egg white to create little clusters of granola. Yum!! And you are totally right…those clusters are like the crumbles on top of crumb muffins. I’ve been known to eat the bottom of a crumb muffin first to save the best for last! #TrueStory Haha!

  3. The egg white trick completely changed my granola game. (I’ve been tempted to use it on store-bought granola that doesn’t come clumpy enough.) Granola is one of my very favorite breakfasts/snacks but I don’t make it enough. I need to try this version! Love the blueberry-cashew combo!

    1. Hmmm…I wonder if you could use that egg white trick on store-bought granola. In theory it would work, but then again the granola may end up getting overbaked in the process. We love making different granola versions here at home. And Robbie has decided that crunchy granola bars are his favorite breakfast…so we go through those like hotcakes now! 🙂

  4. I eat granola every day! I like the idea of the egg white addition and will have to give it a try! We are total cashew lovers here, thanks in part to our local Trader Joe’s, where we can’t resist picking up a bag practically every time we go there. Thanks for the recipe and the egg-white idea!

    1. Yes! Do give the egg white trick a try next time you make granola, Laura. It only goes on at the very end, but it creates those magical little clusters…or “granola bombs” as I like to call ’em. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. I’m with you, I love eating my yogurt with granola! I actually just ate that for lunch a bit ago. And I took down my Christmas decor yesterday & was a bit sad too.. Everything always looks bare for a bit afterwards! I was looking at my living room where I put my tree last night thinking, “Why is there a big empty space in here?? What did I have here before?”

    1. Haha! Perfect timing on the granola + yogurt recipe, huh? 🙂 I love Greek yogurt in the morning, but I really need the granola in there for texture. Plus, granola is just downright delicious! And yes, I totally feel ya on the holiday decorations…or lack thereof. Hey, only 318 more days til the day after Thanksgiving (which is the official start of the Christmas season for me)! Haha!

    1. Yes! I remember you commenting about breakfast in a recent post, Manali. Mix it up and make a batch of homemade granola. You can serve it over yogurt or with milk…if you can keep from eating it all when its right out of the oven! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

    1. Hey Marina! Definitely mix up your breakfast routine with a batch of homemade granola. I put a spoonful or two on top of a bowl of Greek yogurt, but you could serve it with milk or just plain by itself. It’s surprisingly easy to make…and even easier to eat! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  6. I do make granola from time to time but generally I’m still a porridge person with a container of my home made muesli made up and easily accessible if I’m busy. I need to make up more granola and I’m especially intrigued with that idea of coating in the egg white prior to baking! Pinned this. Thanks David!

    1. I go back and forth between oatmeal (porridge) and granola this time of the year. The oatmeal is perfect on these really cold days, but if I get the chance to think ahead, then a batch of homemade granola is hard to beat. The egg white trick is pretty cool, but do note that it only gets coated in the last part of baking process. Hope you have a great day (or almost evening over there) ahead, Neil! 🙂

  7. I did not know egg whites were responsible for the extra clumps! I always assumed it was the extra sugar melting … gah…just goes to show I don’t make granola as much as I probably should as I do so love it with Greek Yogurt too! And – dried blueberries are the bombdiggity! I am bookmarking this to try soon – maybe it will help me not turn away and hit snooze till it’s light outside in the mornings! Hoping this is a wonderful week for y’all inspite of the frigid temps!

    1. You know what? I thought the exact same thing, Shashi! I used to think the extra clumps were just a lucky byproduct…but then I stumbled across the egg white trick. I love me some granola clusters now! 🙂 Do give this one a shot, Shashi. Homemade granola is easy to make, and it’s easy to mix up the flavors, too! Stay warm, my friend!

  8. It’s always a little sad to put away all these Christmas decorations. Indeed, having packed up most of indoor and outdoor decorations, I often keep some christmas lights (normally a mini version like lid lights) in the bedroom for an extra week or so. January, especially the mid of the month, is statistically one of the most depressing time of the year, so I think those lights make the transition from the holiday season to the real life smooth and not so harsh 🙂 And this granola looks so appetizing and delicious, David! Do you think if I eat it all at once, that would still be considered the healthy choice? 🙂

    1. Yeah, putting away all of the festive decorations does make me a bit sad. I mean I like the clean house and all, but I do miss the warm lights of the Christmas tree in the evening. To help ease the transition, I have started decorating a bit for Mardi Gras (yes, Mardi Gras)…but more on that soon! So we do love this granola around here, and I think if you ate it all at once then it would be considered healthyish. Emphasis on the “ish.” 🙂 Thanks, Ben!

    1. Thank you so much, Neha! The egg white trick is what leads to the huge clusters…and those clusters are perfect for a quick snack. Trust me. I ate ’em all. 🙂 I’m hopping over to check out your granola bars right now!

  9. This recipe is going to be a big hit in my family. Now I can add this recipe to my breakfast list. Thanks for this wonderful recipe David. 🙂

    1. Definitely add homemade granola to the breakfast list, Puja! It’s easy to make a big batch, and granola is one of those recipes that can easily be adapted for different flavors and add-ins. Plus, Robbie loves this stuff, so that’s a win in my book! 🙂 Thanks so much, my friend!

    1. You should totally go make some granola this weekend then, Marissa! It’s easy to make and it’s a great breakfast…if you can keep from eating it all as a snack! 🙂

  10. that egg white trick is cool. Thanks. I love granola with yogurt. I used to eat it all the the time. I’ve sort of fallen away from it, but you’ve got me of a mind you start back up again.

    1. Yes! Start up the yogurt + granola train again, Jeff. But this time include an egg white on the train. 🙂 It really is a fun trick…but make sure not to add it until most of the way through baking.

    1. Yes! Those granola clusters are just perfect for topping your morning yogurt…or just grabbing one as a snack. And homemade granola is one of those recipes that’s just so darned easy to make, too! 🙂 Thanks, Deepika!

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