Shaved Watermelon

This 1-ingredient Shaved Watermelon recipe makes a delicious (and healthy) summertime dessert!

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Shaved Watermelon is a 1-ingredient (yes, 1 ingredient!) dessert that's perfect for a hot summer day!Sometimes you just need a simple recipe…especially in the middle of July when it’s so hot that you can see the heat radiating off of your driveway.  (Ok, so maybe it doesn’t get that hot in upstate New York, but if you’re anywhere outside of New England, then you know exactly what I mean!)  The kind of heat that makes you get out and do your yardwork at 8am because it’s just too darned hot any other time of the day.  The kind of heat that makes you crave cold things…like this tasty Shaved Watermelon!

Shaved Watermelon is quite possibly the easiest recipe ever.  It requires just one ingredient.  Yup, one.  And it’s served cold.  And it doesn’t require an oven or stove.  Are you starting to see how this Shaved Watermelon is the perfect recipe for July?

Shaved Watermelon is a 1-ingredient (yes, 1 ingredient!) dessert that's perfect for a hot summer day!Whenever I carve a watermelon, I always think of my grandfather who lived in upstate South Carolina.  He passed away many years ago, but I spent many awesome summers with him when I was a kid.  He’d “carry” me out fishin’ in the mornings and then over to the nearby peach orchard in the afternoons.  In the winter, he taught me how to spot wild mistletoe…and to this day, I still religiously scan the trees every Fall looking for real mistletoe.  (Sadly, it doesn’t seem to grow way up here in upstate NY.)  And I could always count on him having a fresh watermelon whenever I came to visit.  He kept an old carving knife down by the pool and we’d carve the watermelon and eat it right there.  Of course we were a huge sticky mess when it was all over, so we’d jump right into the pool.  Man, those were the days!

Shaved Watermelon is a 1-ingredient (yes, 1 ingredient!) dessert that's perfect for a hot summer day!But back to this Shaved Watermelon.  A chef friend of mine taught me this trick several years ago, and it’s an amazingly simple and delicious summer dessert.  Aside from just being downright easy, this Shaved Watermelon gets all of its sweetness from natural sugars, too.  So next time you pick up a watermelon, freeze several cups of it and then run it through a food processor fitted with a slicer attachment.  You end up with tiny little shreds of delicious frozen watermelon.  Scoop those into a bowl and serve them for a fun (and super healthy) summertime dessert!

Shaved Watermelon is a 1-ingredient (yes, 1 ingredient!) dessert that's perfect for a hot summer day!

Shaved Watermelon

Shaved Watermelon is a 1-ingredient (yes, 1 ingredient!) dessert that's perfect for a hot summer day!
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Freezing Time: 8 hours
Total Time: 8 hours 10 minutes
Servings: 6 servings
Calories: 38kcal


  • 5 cups watermelon roughly chopped (Note: make sure to cut the pieces small enough to fit into the feeder tube of your food processor)


  • Place the chopped watermelon into a freezer-safe container. Cover and freeze overnight.
  • Using a food processor fixed with the slicer attachment, process the frozen watermelon.
  • Scoop the shaved watermelon into bowls; serve immediately. (Note: if you refreeze the shaved watermelon, then it will turn into a solid piece again. Just use the food processor to reshave it.)

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  1. This heat is getting ridiculous! I am spending way too much time inside!
    Sounds like you had some special summers with your grandfather!
    Lately, I have had a hankering for watermelon! This looks perfect!

    1. Thanks, Tina! It’s a little embarrassing how easy this recipe is…but that just makes it perfect for these hot summer days, right?

  2. So am a little weird but I LOVE this heat (I think we might be a tad hotter down in Atlanta)! I spent most of my teen years in Abu Dhabi where most of my track meets happened in 100+ degree heat and while that was way too hot then, somehow, now, I just adore hot days! And all the watermelon I can eat! My mom used to “mash” watermelon and my sis and I would love to drink the juice from the “mash” – never had cold, shaved watermelon before – what a brilliant idea David!

    1. Track meets in 100+ degree weather?? Shashi! You are nuts! I think it’s safe to say that Atlanta is definitely hotter than upstate New York…but it’s legitimately hot here lately, too. I’ve been eating watermelon like it’s my job lately…so why not make a frozen version to cool off? Stay cool….err, hot?….down there!

  3. This is such a neat idea David, I’m gonna put the watermelon in the freezer right now so that tonight I can enjoy.
    So are we rooting for Brasil or Germany? I still don’t know…

    1. Yeah I can’t decide between Brazil and Germany. Neither one has really lived up to their potential yet, but I guess I’d rather see Germany in the finals since they wouldn’t have the home field advantage thing going on. I’m more concerned about what Messi has up his sleeve tomorrow…especially after Holland had to play the extra 30 minutes. Either way, I’m sad to see the World Cup winding down!

  4. I just bought our first watermelon of the season. My kids love when I cut them a wedge and they have to eat it outside because it is so messy. 😀 I love this shaved watermelon. I sounds amazing and so refreshing! Saving some to try this 😀

    1. I hope that’s just the first of many summer watermelons, Cindy! And there is nothing like eating a big wedge of watermelon out in the yard and making a huge mess of yourself. I think that’s like the quintessential summer activity! I hope you (and the kids) enjoy the frozen version!

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