Linguine with Sausage and Mushrooms

I’ve partnered with Johnsonville to share this Linguine with Sausage and Mushrooms.  This is an easy and delicious 30-minute meal…perfect for weeknight dinners! #SausageFamily

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Linguine with Sausage and MushroomsThe past few weeks have definitely been an adjustment period for us.  Just when we finally had this whole baby thing under control, my wife had to go back to work.  I know she’s had a hard time leaving little Robbie all day long, but I suspect that the distraction from work is probably helpful.

Laura drops the little man off at day care in the morning, and I go pick him up in the late afternoon.  It’s been strange not having him around all day long, but I think the interaction with other infants is good for him.  That first week was rough, but we made it!

And then Robbie got sick.  

Linguine with Sausage and MushroomsEveryone told us that he will pretty much always be sick once he goes to daycare, but he only made it 4 days.  4 days!  He was a little bit quiet that first weekend, and then we heard it.  A wee little, “*cough* *cough*.”  My wife and I looked at each other, and we both knew it.  Robbie had his first cold.  I tell you what…it’s scary when little kids get sick.  For a couple of days there, he was coughing a good bit.  We called the doctor (more than once), and she assured us that this is totally normal.  But it’s still unnerving for us as parents!

On a somewhat related note, I now understand why my Mom used to tell me that she’d gladly take my cold on herself if she could.  Thanks, Mom!  I would totally do the same for Robbie now if I could.  Granted, I’ve already had a slight cough all winter this year…

Linguine with Sausage and MushroomsThe other day, I wanted to whip up something easy and delicious for dinner.  I grabbed some pasta from the pantry, and I pulled out a package of Johnsonville’s Italian Mild Ground Sausage from the freezer.  Dinner was coming together!  I had some frozen peas, so I figured I’d drop those in there, too.  But then it hit me.  Mushrooms.  This dish would be excellent with some sauteed mushrooms!  But I didn’t have any mushrooms.

So off to the store I went.  Conveniently, our grocery store is right near Robbie’s day care.  I grabbed my mushrooms, and then took a detour through the bakery section to grab a box of Italian cookies.  I wanted to stop by and see how the little guy was doing, and I figured bringing cookies to the teachers was a legitimate excuse to drop by.  (Heck, maybe the whole trip to get mushrooms was my conscience subliminally encouraging me to check in on him.  I’m ok with that!)  He was doing fine, and his cold is almost gone now.  They say that these colds that he catches from day care will help him build up his immune system…but I feel so bad for him when he *cough* *cough*s!

Linguine with Sausage and MushroomsWhen Laura got home from work that night, Robbie was napping in his car seat.  I’d serenaded him with “Eye of the Tiger” and he smiled at me the whole time.  Then he passed out asleep, so I left him right there in his car seat on the kitchen floor.  Laura went upstairs to change, and I started whipping up this Linguine with Sausage and Mushrooms.

We love pasta around our house, and this one didn’t disappoint!  I used some cream in the recipe, but I didn’t want a full-fledged alfredo sauce.  The Italian sausage combined with the mushrooms brought an incredible depth of flavor, and the best part is that the whole thing was ready in 30 minutes!  That meant we got to make dinner and eat it before Robbie woke up from his nap.  Score!

This Linguine with Sausage and Mushrooms is an excellent 30-minute meal for weeknight cooking!I always keep at least one pack of Johnsonville’s Italian sausage in our freezer.  Sometimes it’s links.  Sometimes it’s ground.  But it’s always there.  Johnsonville is the most popular brand of sausage in the U.S., and Italian sausage is such an easy way to bring flavor to whatever I’m making for dinner.  And I can promise you that this Linguine with Sausage and Mushrooms will show up in our house again soon!

Linguine with Sausage and Mushrooms

Linguine with Sausage and Mushrooms

This Linguine with Sausage and Mushrooms is an easy and delicious 30-minute meal…perfect for weeknight dinners!
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Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Servings: 6 servings
Calories: 683kcal



  • Cook linguine according to package instructions. Drain, but reserve ½ cup of water for later.
  • Meanwhile, place the Italian sausage in a large skillet. Cook over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally, until sausage is fully cooked. Drain any excess grease from skillet; set cooked sausage aside.
  • Using a large, deep skillet, add the olive oil and place over medium-high heat. Once hot, add the mushrooms. Cook, stirring often, for 5-6 minutes, or until mushrooms have begun to soften and turn brown. Add the onions, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper. Cook for 2 more minutes, stirring often.
  • Add peas and chicken stock; continue cooking for 3-4 minutes, stirring often.
  • Add cream and cooked Italian sausage from Step 2. Reduce heat to a low simmer; cook for 8-10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Remove skillet from heat and add cooked linguine and Parmesan cheese. Toss to coat, adding a small amount of pasta water to adjust thickness of sauce (if necessary). Garnish with a sprinkle of dried parsley before serving (optional).
  • Serve hot.

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    1. Oh yeah, he’s totally ok…just a bad cold. But the problem is babies can’t blow their nose and really cough like adults. So it seems to take forever to get over these things. (We’re learning as we go here…) But yes, this pasta dish was amazing…especially for a quick 30-minute weeknight meal! Thanks so much, Dannii! 🙂

  1. I remeber when Luca went to daycare – he was more home than there, we paid a fortune for nothing. The 2nd here we looked after him ourselves, us, hubby´s family, etc. It was hard but in other ways better. I so envy you for having such a little person in your house!!!
    ps. Love easy, quick dinners that taste (and look good) like this linguine dish 🙂

    1. Yeah, it’s tough for sure, Johlene. We don’t have any family in the area, so we’ve resorted to daycare to help out. And truthfully, I like his teachers and the staff at daycare…it’s just these colds that he’s bringing home. Ugh! But yes, this pasta dish was hands-down a favorite here. And I loved that I was able to get it on the table quickly for a yummy weeknight meal! Hope you guys had a great weekend over there! 🙂

  2. Hi David! I have had mushroom madness lately! Two or three times a week there are mushrooms in the mix. I like your addition of peas, peas and pasta go so well together. This is definitely on the menu plan! It is true about the immune system. My son developed asthma when he was four and I took the unconventional path and exposed him to every known allergen (along with his medicines and his doctor’s approval). By the time he was ten he had overcome it and has been asthma free since. And he didn’t miss out on sports or having pets. It’s never easy having a sick child, but you will all get through those times. Cuts, bruises and scrapes come along with walking process… 🙂

    1. 2-3x a week?!? Wow, that is some mushroom madness over there, Dorothy! 🙂 And I agree with you about the peas. I love tossing a handful of frozen peas into pasta. (Well, not pasta with red sauce…but any other kind of pasta.) Wow, that is crazy about your son overcoming asthma. I hope we don’t need to go down that road, but I’ll definitely be reaching out to you if we do! And yes, that’s what helps us get through these colds…knowing that it’s building his immune system up. Thanks, Dorothy!

  3. I remember those daycare-illnesses quite well – the coughs, colds, pink eye, stomach bugs – but, I think they help build up a teeny one’s immunity too – and just the whole interaction thing with other teeny ones is hard to beat – at least, that’s what I subscribed too when Lil Shashi was as little as Robbie is now – and now, Lil Shashi is quite the social butterfly!
    I bet Robbie’s teachers were super stoked to get those Italian cookies – I’m betting as stoked as Laura was to have this meal waiting on her! Dude – sausage + peas + shrooms by themselves are a winning combo – with everything else – it’s one EPIC meal!
    Hope your Spiced household has a wonderful weekend!

    1. Yeah, I hear ya, Shashi. The fact that this is helping build his immune system is helping us get through it…but this is one nasty cold! We did indeed have an awesome weekend around here. Laura’s sister flew in (from ATL!) to visit, so we’ve been hanging out with the little man and just enjoying the weekend. I hope you guys had an awesome weekend, too…and here’s to a great week ahead! 🙂

  4. I hope Robbie is doing better. It is really hard to see your child sick. I am with you, when our kids were sick I always wished I could be the one with the sickness and not them. The pasta with the Italian sausage and mushrooms looks delicious. I love the combination of sausage and mushrooms, now if I could get my hubby to like mushrooms I would have it made.

    1. Yeah, this whole thing of a child being sick is just no fun. Mainly because I can see how hard it is for him! But hopefully he can kick this cold soon. In other news, though, this pasta dish was quite delicious! And there’s always hope for your hubby…I used to hate mushrooms. But slowly I’ve gotten to where I can deal with them. So you never know… 🙂

    1. Exactly! That’s one of the best things about this recipe, Kathy…it’s super easy to make. I don’t mind spending time in the kitchen, but when we’ve got a sick kid in the house then I need easy meals! Thank you so much, and I hope you guys had a great weekend! 🙂

  5. Aw poor little guy- His first cold! And Laura back to work too- Wow, that would be quite the adjustment! Hope he’s on the mend now though, and enjoying interacting with others- Although he might not be used to sub par food or scents haha!

    I have been craving past like crazy lately, and any option with sausage is a winner!

    1. Yeah, it’s been a heck of an adjustment around here for us, mate. But like everything else, you figure it out. So how about some delicious pasta for dinner tonight? I’ll make extra…just come on over around 6pm? 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Jess! The little guy’s cold seemed to get worse over the weekend, but I know he’ll snap out of it soon. As far as this recipe, it really is the ultimate comfort food…and perfect for a weeknight meal! Maybe I could have one of your cupcakes afterwards for dessert? 🙂

  6. I was going to comment on such a delicious recipe on Friday, but I fainted (totally your fail) which refrained me from doing that. However, I’ve already recovered, and I can say now this is lovely! I add sausage (sometimes with green peas) in pasta quite often, but I’ve never added mushrooms too (which is very strange cause I’ve tried dozens and dozens of combos). So I made this pasta on Saturday (with a few little changes) – absolutely perfect combo! Thanks for the inspiration, David!

    1. Wait. You fainted? I hope you are ok, Ben. What’s up with that? Was it the thought of this delicious pasta that just did you in? (I’m totally kidding…I truly do hope you are ok!) Wow, I’m so honored that you turned around and made this dish on Saturday, Ben. Thanks so much, and I hope you and Andrey enjoyed it and had a great rest of your weekend (aside from the fainting thing…)

  7. Wait, pasta that’s so good, you’ll faint? I think that’s a selling point. I love sausage with pasta, so this sounds great. In fact, when I made a red sauce with meat, sausage is my default option. Spicy, sweet, or even just ground pork – I love it. Glad poor little Robbie has overcome his first cold. Apparently you didn’t catch it? That’s a bonus.

  8. Hah! Ben was clearly overwhelmed by this pasta. But I’m glad he recovered and finished his plate. 🙂 Oh, I did catch Robbie’s cold. And then Laura caught it. And then Robbie caught it again. It’s a never-ending cycle of awesome in our house this week.

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