Grilled Brussels Sprouts

Grilled Brussels Sprouts might be one of my favorite new summer side dishes!

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Grilled Brussels Sprouts might be one of my favorite new summer side dishes!“Time, why you punish me? Like a wave bashing into the shore, you wash away my dreams.”  So we have a new radio station here in my area.  We were sitting at Thursday night trivia recently when one of our friends told us about it…and both my wife and I are addicted to it now!  The station’s name is Rewind, and they play a constant stream of classics from the 80’s and 90’s.  I’m talking Sting, Aerosmith, old-school Dave Matthews, Hootie & the Blowfish.  Talk about a blast from the past! 

I actually look forward to hopping in the car and turning the radio on now.  For some odd reason, this station initially tried to re-launch as a 24-7 Christmas music station.  I mean I enjoy Old King Wenceslas as much as the next guy…but not in the middle of July.  That experiment lasted about 2 weeks before they decided to go with 80’s and 90’s.  I support the switch.

Grilled Brussels Sprouts might be one of my favorite new summer side dishes!As you guys know, I’ve spent many evenings this summer out on the back deck by the grill.  I swear I cook more outside than inside during these summer months!  Sometimes we’ll grill up something fancy like this Bacon & Jalapeno Stuffed Grilled Pork Tenderloin.  But most nights we just keep it simple.  Grilled zucchini brushed with olive oil and a pinch of Italian seasoning is one of our favorites…plus, it helps us get through all of the zucchini in our garden.  That stuff grows like wildfire!  This recipe for Grilled Brussels Sprouts falls right into the same ‘easy’ category.

Grilled Brussels Sprouts might be one of my favorite new summer side dishes!Grilled Brussels Sprouts

I’ve become a big fan of Brussels lately, so I wanted to give them a shot on the grill.  Similar to these Cilantro-Lime Grilled Sweet Potatoes, I parboiled the sprouts for a couple of minutes to kickstart the cooking process.  Then I skewered those bad boys up and finished them off on the grill.  And guess what?  Grilled Brussels sprouts are delicious!  The outer leaves get crispy and almost burnt while the insides turn nice and soft.  I opted for a simple combination of spices to enhance the flavor, too.  I’m pretty sure I could have eaten the whole bowl by itself for dinner!

I foresee many more summer nights with the radio pumping out classic 80’s and 90’s tunes while I’m grilling up some delicious Brussels sprouts for dinner.  Yes, that’s right.  I just used delicious, Brussels sprouts and 80’s tunes in the same sentence.  #Trust.

Grilled Brussels Sprouts might be one of my favorite new summer side dishes!Have you ever grilled Brussels sprouts?  And more importantly, what’s your favorite 80’s song?  (You know…that song that you turn up and sing along with when no one else is in the car.)

Did you make these Grilled Brussels Sprouts at home?  Leave a comment.  Or snap a photo and tag me on Instagram (@Spicedblog).  Happy grilling!

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Grilled Brussels Sprouts might be one of my favorite new summer side dishes!

Grilled Brussels Sprouts

Grilled Brussels Sprouts might be one of my favorite new summer side dishes!
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Servings: 4 servings
Calories: 147kcal



  • Soak 6 wooden skewers in water for at least 30 minutes.
  • Place a medium pot of water over high heat and bring to a boil.
  • Preheat grill to medium-high heat.
  • Trim the stems off the Brussels sprouts and slice each in half lengthwise.
  • Boil the halved Brussels sprouts for 3 minutes. Using a slotted spoon, transfer Brussels sprouts into a large bowl. (Tip: Make sure to drain as much water from the sprouts as possible before transferring them into the bowl.)
  • Add remaining ingredients (olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt, red pepper flakes, thyme, rosemary and pepper). Toss until sprouts are well-coated. (Tip: Do not rinse this bowl; set aside for later.)
  • Skewer sprouts onto wooden skewers.
  • Place sprouts on grill and grill for 7-10 minutes, flipping once after about 3-4 minutes.
  • Remove sprouts from skewers and place them back in the mixing bowl. Toss to coat with any remaining oil and seasonings.

Grilled Brussels Sprouts might be one of my favorite new summer side dishes!

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  1. David, I love grilled brussels sprouts. . to tell you the truth, I love all veggies grilled .. maybe more than beef!! love all the seasoning you have going on here!!! and favorite 80’s song? oh my gawd. . maybe a Michael Jackson or U2 song .. ?? there are too many! 🙂 TGIF!

    1. Oh geez…Michael! I have his greatest hits album, and it’s one of my favorites. Now I need to go dig that one out so I can listen to it today. Maybe while I’m grilling up some more Brussels. 🙂

    1. See, I love Christmas music, Dannii…but it’s just strange listening to it in July. I dunno…I think it needs to be cold outside or something before Christmas music can come on the radio. Haha! I’m on a sprouts kick lately Can’t you tell? 🙂

  2. A station that plays ONLY 80s and 90s music??? Oh man – I wish we could pick them up here! We have one that supposedly does 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s – but I hear more TSwift on there than Aerosmith! UGH!
    I adore Brussels sprouts too! And that “marinade” with red pepper flakes, thyme and rosemary sounds droolworthy! I bet your neighbor was fake-mowing again hoping you’d invite him over!

    1. Bah! 60’s, 70’s, 80’s AND 90’s? That’s why too many different music genres to try and blend into one. But 80’s and 90’s only? That’s where my radio dial sits about 99% of the time! Hmmm…maybe that explains why the neighbor is always mowing. He just wants to look over the fence and see what I’m cooking up! Well, he can keep on looking. We both know that any leftovers I have go into the mail to you! 😉

  3. Hahahahahaha man, I’m a sucker for Old King Wenceslaw too. This Christmas we should totally carol together, under the full moon of course – wolfpack style.
    Just make sure to bring some of these grilled Brussels Sprouts along.

    1. Oh man, I’m all about caroling this Christmas. We could get the Wolfpack together and roam the streets (under a full moon, of course) wailing out tunes. I’m sure we wouldn’t get arrested or anything. 😉 And I think some grilled Brussels on skewers would be an excellent snack to bring along. Haha…best mental image ever right there! Can we have some pitchforks and torches, too?

    1. Thanks, Medha! Man, I remember those days of listening to Hootie. I just came across my Hootie CD the other day, so I think it’s time to get it back out. 🙂

  4. Hi David! I’m a big fan of Brussels sprouts. These have similar seasonings to sprouts I roast in the oven. I particularly like the charred leaves!

    1. Yeah, I wasn’t sure how Brussels would do on the grill…but the charred leaves were so darned delicious! I kinda want to pull all the leaves off and grill them up by themselves. 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh, Manali! Go out to the store and get some Brussels today! They are amazing…but they get a bad rap since I think a lot of parents force-feed them to kids. We particularly love them roasted, grilled or try them in a brothy soup. They soak up a bunch of the soup liquid and become little balls of leafy deliciousness! 🙂

  5. 80’s but especially the 90’s is where all the good stuff is at- Similar to the cartoons and video games. Ahh good times. although Christmas tunes in July? That’s slightly over zealous!

    Now this….YES. I love how you parboiled them- That, potatoes and pumpkin all get that treatment- It even makes it taste better I reckon! The only downside to the grilled veggies is that you can eat a tonne of them then bam- like a burrito, you get overstuffed. So worth it for this!

    1. Oh man, you’re telling me, Arman! I still go back to the video games and cartoons of the 80s and 90s. The stuff from today might be “better” in terms of quality, but it doesn’t even come close to the awesomeness that we grew up with! I’m also pretty sure I ate this entire bowl of Brussels as soon as these photos were done. And I’m not sorry about it!

  6. I have to be honest…I don’t like brussel sprouts! However, it has been years since I’ve really tried them and they didn’t look like these! On a grill with this seasoning…I just might like them! (I sound like Dr. Seuss’s Sam I am…)

    1. Haha..I totally chuckled at the Dr. Seuss reference there, Kathy! I am a huge Dr. Seuss fan! 🙂 But yes, give sprouts a shot again. They get such a bad reputation, but man, they are tasty when you roast or grill them. 🙂

  7. These brussels sprouts look delicious! I was never a fan of brussels sprouts, but had them roasted maybe two years ago and was hooked! I’m not big on grilling myself as I am more of a fan of eating other people’s grilled food so I will stick to roasting them for now. 🙂 However, I may convince my dad to grill some the next time I’m in South Carolina.

    1. Time to head to South Carolina then, Tamara! Grilled Brussels are amazing. 🙂 Although we love roasting them, too. I just enjoy grilling everything in the summer. Haha!

  8. Really, David? I didn’t know zucchini grow that well. Perhaps, next year I should add them on my wish list because this year we’ve got too many edible flowers. Never could imagine saying that. Can I grill them?:) As for these gorgeous Brussels sprouts, I’m a big fan of this stuff! But I’ve never grilled it. Maybe because we still don’t have a grill:) And answering your second question, my favorite song is “Last Christmas”. Ha-ha, just could resist teasing you about the radio thing:)

    1. Oh my gosh…zucchini grows like crazy, Ben! And the thing is, it grows fast. Like one day you see a tiny little zuke and then like 2 days later you have a HUGE zuke. If you aren’t careful, they’ll turn into zukes bigger than your arm! (Yes, I call them zukes for short…haha) I think you can definitely grill edible flowers. I mean, they might not be so edible after they are grilled, but they sure would be a fun experiment! Now I’m off to listen to Christmas music..hah!

  9. These look beyond amazing! I’ve never been the biggest fan of brussel sprouts, but I think that I would even like these with that beautiful char on them from the grill! Maybe I should grow some Brussel Sprouts, next summer, so that I can try this beautiful recipe out 😉 Thanks for sharing, David! 😀

    1. Thanks, Kennedy! Brussels are definitely a new-found love around our house. We grew them one year, but I found that they took up too much space for the yield…so now we just buy them at the store. Either way, give them a shot…they’re totally underrated, and they are delicious on the grill!

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