Gazpacho: Easy Cooking for the Summer

I’ve partnered with Hunt’s and Collective Bias to create this delicious Gazpacho recipe.
It’s easy, refreshing and quite healthy…and one of my favorite summer recipes!

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Gazpacho: This chilled summer soup is light and refreshing...and quite tasty!Once summer arrives, I really begin to appreciate easy recipes.  It could be because it’s too hot to stand over the stove.  Nah, check that…I still love making homemade bread too much.  I’ll just deal with the heat.  I think my love of easy recipes is simply because life in the summer is busier.  Do you feel the same way?  We don’t even have kids, and I feel like my daily to-do list is overflowing.  That’s ok, though.  I’m not complaining.  Shoveling snow is nowhere to be found on that to-do list, and that makes me very happy!  Ah, but enough about me…let’s turn our attention to perhaps one of the easiest summer recipes of all time.  Gazpacho.

Gazpacho: This chilled summer soup is light and refreshing...and quite tasty!Gazpacho is a quick and easy soup, and it’s served cold.  Wait…what?  A cold soup usually lands in the microwave, but not this Gazpacho.  It’s meant to be served cold, and honestly, it’s one of my favorite summer lunches!  Around the Spiced house, we usually like to prepare lunches in advance so they’re ready to go.  My wife is off studying steel (or so she says), and I’m usually writing the next Spiced post or recipe testing some new ideas.  So we both really appreciate a quick and easy lunch…and that’s where this Gazpacho enters the picture!  I picked up a can of Hunt’s Diced Tomatoes at Walmart, and I had a batch of this soup ready in less than 20 minutes.  Ok, maybe it was 30 minutes because I had to take these pictures…but you get the point.  It’s easy.  It’s delicious.  It’s perfect for summer!

Gazpacho: This chilled summer soup is light and refreshing...and quite tasty!Gazpacho requires no cooking at all.  The only thing you need is a knife, a food processor (or blender), a can of Hunt’s tomatoes and lots of fresh veggies.  Add in a couple spices and herbs, and you’ve got a healthy and delicious lunch that’s quite refreshing on a hot summer day!  (Note: Like most soups, the flavors in this Gazpacho will meld and taste even better after sitting overnight.)

Gazpacho: This chilled summer soup is light and refreshing...and quite tasty!We love to grow our own herbs and vegetables in our backyard garden, but the growing season in upstate New York is quite a bit shorter than it was back in the South.  That’s ok…we still get delicious veggies, but we just have to get a bit more creative.  That’s where Hunt’s comes in.  Hunt’s uses a unique FlashSteam method to peel their tomatoes, and they use only water (no lye) to make this happen.  The tomatoes are canned just 10 hours after being picked…and I find that this makes a big difference on taste!  This Gazpacho is one of my personal favorites, but make sure to check out Hunt’s and ReadySetEat for more tasty recipes.

Hunt's Diced Tomatoes

Gazpacho: This chilled summer soup is light and refreshing...and quite tasty!

Gazpacho: Easy Cooking for the Summer

Gazpacho: This chilled summer soup is light and refreshing...and quite tasty!
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Refrigeration Time: 8 hours
Total Time: 8 hours 10 minutes
Servings: 4 servings
Calories: 321kcal



  • Place all of the ingredients except for the avocado in a food processor or blender. (Tip: If necessary, make the Gazpacho in 2 rounds so as not to overload your food processor.)
  • Add a bit more of the reserved tomato liquid until soup reaches desired consistency. (I usually don't add very much.)
  • Transfer to a non-metal bowl, cover, and refrigerate overnight.
  • Garnish with sliced avocado (optional) and serve chilled.


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  1. I first had gazpacho in Spain & ever since I’ve never had it enough. It’s the perfect dish for a hot summer day. It has a cooling effect on the body, it’s nutritious and super healthy (with all those veggies, herbs and spices!)
    A great dish to eat while watching Spain team playing in the (forthcoming) World Cup, don’t you agree?

    1. Aye, gazpacho is my latest lunch addiction, Mike! It’s also fun knowing that I’m eating loads of veggies. 🙂 And it would be the perfect dish to eat while watching the World Cup…but Spain? Really?

  2. Summer always seems busier. The weather is so nice that my list of to do things is huge. Somehow the plants are just now starting to grow and leaf out, but the weeds are going crazy! I’ve never made gazpacho, but love to have it at restaurants. Easy and delicious is always a hit with me. Or growing season is also short so canned tomato recipes are much appreciated. 😀

    1. I know! The weeds in my yard are launching a full scale invasion. Especially those darned dandelions…I think it’s impossible to get rid of those darned things! This gazpacho is so incredibly easy that it’s a little bit embarrassing. And with the canned tomatoes, now you can make it in the dead of winter and imagine that it’s warm outside. 🙂

    1. You totally need to make gazpacho, Laura! Not only can it be made ahead, but it actually tastes better when you make it ahead and let it sit overnight. My wife has been taking this to work and loving the easy (and healthy) lunch!

  3. Ah, so smart! When I was thinking of ways of how to use Hunt’s Tomatoes for my post, I never ever ever thought of gazpacho. That’s why you, sir, are freaking awesome. Very creative!

    And hahaha, as long as shoveling is not part of my daily routine, I’m fine being busy as well!

    1. Why, thank you, my good man. This Gazpacho was seriously one of the easiest things I’ve ever made. I’m all about recipes that take like 10 minutes. Ok, maybe 15 because I was listening to Journey and rockin’ out in the kitchen. 🙂

  4. Oh my GAH! You and I really need to have a chat when we get awarded these campaigns, because I came THISSSS close to making gazpacho! LOL… thank goodness I changed my mind, because yours looks 100 times better than mine would have!
    My post will be out on Wednesday. Stay tuned 🙂

    1. Haha! We totally need to start touching base, Chef Becca! Or maybe working together to do like a “He Made, She Made” thing. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve! (p.s. soup is hard to shoot…)

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