Baked Seasoned Fries

These Baked Seasoned Fries are an excellent side dish for burgers on the grill!

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These Baked Seasoned Fries are an excellent side dish for burgers on the grill!Would you like fries with that?  The answer to that question is yes.  Always yes.  A burger and fries is such a quintessential summer meal.  Although hamburgers were first invented in Hamburg, Germany, they didn’t resemble the hamburgers that appear in backyard cookouts all summer long.  Instead, they were known as Hamburgh steaks which were served over a piece of bread.  Over time, German immigrants to the United States helped create the Hamburger Sandwich which featured 2 slices of bread instead of 1.  (These sandwiches were a popular food cart item, so the 2nd slice of bread made the meal easier to eat.)  And you can see how the hamburger developed from there.

These Baked Seasoned Fries are an excellent side dish for burgers on the grill!Now there are thousands upon thousands of variations to the classic hamburger.  Heck, I’ve even posted several here, including the Aloha Burger, a Sundried Tomato and Gorgonzola Burger and even a Falafel Burger.  But in my mind, burgers must be accompanied by fries.  I mean, I won’t complain about a good macaroni salad next to my burger, but given a choice, I’ll usually go with fries.

These Baked Seasoned Fries are an excellent side dish for burgers on the grill!I had some extra potatoes laying around last week, so I decided to chop ’em up and turn ’em into Baked Seasoned Fries.  I love a good seasoned french fry (even more so if it’s beer-battered), and I gotta admit that these Baked Seasoned Fries turned out quite well.  I could’ve eaten two potatoes worth when they were fresh out of the oven!  Like all fries, these taste a million times better when you serve them hot from the oven.  That’s a scientific fact proven by my wife.  (She’s a scientist…therefore, it’s a scientific fact.)

These Baked Seasoned Fries are an excellent side dish for burgers on the grill!One of the secrets to oven-baked fries is cornstarch.  I’ve baked fries with and without cornstarch, and both ways can produce totally legit fries.  But the cornstarch absorbs some of the extra liquid and gives you a nice coating on the fries similar to classic (i.e. fried) seasoned fries.  As far as the seasoning mix, I used a classic combo of herbs and seasonings.  You’ll notice that smoked paprika plays a key role here.  If you don’t have smoked paprika, splurge a bit and get a jar.  (I buy my herbs and seasonings in bulk down at an Amish market near where Laura’s family lives.)  Smoked paprika just brings an extra layer of flavor to dishes, and it’s one of my favorites…especially for summer recipes!

If you’re looking for something fun to make for this weekend’s cookout, then consider these Baked Seasoned Fries.  I promise both sheet pans of fries will disappear before you know it!  Enjoy!

These Baked Seasoned Fries are an excellent side dish for burgers on the grill!

These Baked Seasoned Fries are an excellent side dish for burgers on the grill!

Baked Seasoned Fries

These Baked Seasoned Fries are an excellent side dish for burgers on the grill!
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Prep Time: 25 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes
Resting Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 40 minutes
Servings: 8 servings
Calories: 252kcal



  • Rinse potatoes and then slice lengthwise into ½” slices. Lay slices flat and cut into ½” sticks. Place fries in a bowl filled with cold water; let soak for 30 minutes.
  • Drain fries and pat dry with paper towels.
  • Preheat oven to 425°F.
  • Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper; set aside.
  • Using a large bowl, toss the fries with the canola oil until well coated.
  • Using a small bowl, add the cornstarch and seasonings; mix until well combined. Add this mixture to the fries and toss until well coated.
  • Spread the fries single-layer onto the 2 baking sheets. (Note: Do not crowd the fries together or they will not turn crispy!)
  • Bake for 20 minutes. Flip fries over and continue baking for 20-30 more minutes, or until fries are golden brown. (Note: The baking time will vary depending on the thickness of the fries. Watch closely after 40 minutes to prevent fries from burning!)

These Baked Seasoned Fries are an excellent side dish for burgers on the grill!

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    1. Thank you so much, Dawn! I’m right there with ya on the love for French fries. I seriously could eat yummy fries every single day…but I have to try to be good every once in a while. (The baked version is my definition of good…haha!) Definitely give these a shot. Slicing the potatoes into fries is the hardest part, but after that you’ll be chowing down!

  1. Mmmm, pototo fries! I almost fainted cause this one look amazing, David, and I don’t recall the last time I had it. I’m talking about any kind of potato and any dish. Definitely, not this summer. Certainly, I baked some potatoes on Christmas (No worries, it was 2016 – not that long time ago). Also, we ate some poutine in February. I have not even maked my favorite sweet potato hash for many months. I just realized I’m seriously sick – I’ve developed a potato deficiency in my body:) Please save my life and ship a huge container urgently:) Indeed, I haven’t had a burger even longer (I’m not a huge fan of them and can easily live without them for years). So normally, I have something else along with potatoes (often meat without bread…or more fries!) And while many people like their fries with ketchup or mustard, I love my (especially potato hash) with…sour cream! I know, might sound weird, but I love this combo!

    1. Say what? It’s been almost 8 months since you’ve had a potato? You clearly have a problem, Ben! But the good news is that problem can be solved with a trip to the store to grab some ‘taters. We don’t eat potatoes a ton during the summer months, but they are such a perfect side dish for grilled burgers! So I don’t think your sour cream addiction is all that strange. We were introduced to mayo with fries in Belgium/Netherlands, and that sounds terrible…but their mayo is so different than ours. It actually has a tang like sour cream. Hmmm…I might have to take your advice on that one next time I make fries! 🙂

      1. Sure, totally forgot about mayo. I raterly eat it, but I like mixing some mayo with ketchup (1:1) which makes a delicious sauce. Nice with fries too!

        1. Yes to that! It’s pretty much the “secret” Big Mac sauce! Have you ever dipped fries in mayo? But to do this, you’ve gotta find European mayo…not the kind we have over here. It’s different I tell ya!

  2. Hi David. Love you choice of seasonings; I use smoked paprika quite a bit. I started making baked fries when my kids were little because I hate frying and I felt they didn’t need to be eating a lot of fried foods. Burgers and fries coming up!

    1. Yes to smoked paprika! Of course I’m not one bit surprised that we have similar tastes in terms of seasonings, Dorothy. 🙂 I’m pretty sure we’re long-lost foodie soulmates. Haha! We don’t fry stuff very often around here because (1) health and (2) it’s a pain to clean. Every once in a while I break down, though. But no need to with these fries! They’re delicious. Just make sure to bake ’em long enough…and don’t try to save them for later. They’ll get soggy just like fried fries do. Have a great weekend, my friend!

  3. YES a million times to fries! I love them baked because I feel less guilty about overindulging. (French fry addiction–it’s a thing.) But I’ve never made them with cornstarch! I have to try that, because my main complaint with baked fries is how little their texture resembles the real thing. Thank you for the tip! Have a great rest of your day, David!

    1. Dude. French fry addiction is TOTALLY a thing! I’m not going to go so far as to say that I’m addicted, but I do really love a good fry. And these baked fries seriously come close enough to the fried version for me to be a happy camper. Definitely give the cornstarch trick a shot! If you think about it, you can recognize the cornstarch on the fries…but it actually ends up kinda like a battered (and fried) fry. So in the end, it works out well! Make a batch of fries this weekend!

  4. Hamburger & fries is such a delicious classic and even though I just had breakfast I wouldn’t say no that (must be my German roots :-)) Did not know about the history behind Hamburgers, always enjoy reading about the origins of food. Homemade fries are fantastic – never tried it with cornstarch though – I like your spice combination. Have a great weekend, David!

    1. I find the origins of food absolutely fascinating. Speaking of that, someone recommended that I read the book “Salt” as it describes the role salt has played in the food world over history. Sounds kinda cool. If I ever get around to reading it, I’ll let you know! So I know hamburgers + fries are not as common over there in London, but you can sub these baked fries (err…chips) in next time you make fish and chips! 🙂 Thanks, Miriam! I hope you have a great weekend, too!

  5. I usually make baked sweet potato fries for Lynne and I on a Friday evening and as I’m always looking to change things up a bit I think I’ll do just that with your recipe. In fact, as we’re heading away tomorrow I’m going to print off this recipe and see if I can get a chance to do it whilst we are away. You really can’t beat a good fry can you? Did the potatoes for these come from your garden btw? 🙂

    1. Baked sweet potato fries are totally legit, too, Neil! We love making sweet potato fries with a pinch of chipotle powder and then a nice coating of Parmesan and Italian parsley. Yum! 🙂 And I use that same cornstarch trick for those, too. I hope you guys really enjoyed your weekend vacation, and I hope you got a chance to make these fries while you were out. And no, these potatoes didn’t come from the garden. I looked into growing potatoes once, but they sound a bit more involved…even I have my limits! Haha!

  6. Always a big yes to Fries!! I have tried baking them, but they have never turned out as crispy as the ones in these pictures :D! I am trying them with some cornstarch next time!! Also, I definitely need to buy smoked paprika ;).

    1. Yes! The trick to baked fries is cornstarch…it helps soak up the extra liquid. But I also really press as much liquid out of the fries after they soak in the water, too. And then it works! 🙂 And smoked paprika seriously is one of my favorite spices. Grab a jar and play around with it. I love the hint of smokiness that it brings to a dish. Thanks so much, Deepika!

  7. I have an addiction to potatoes, really any potato makes me a happy girl but french fries are close to my heart. Real close. I had no idea burgers were created in Hamburg Germany, lol, you always teach me something fun. I’m a huge fan of falafel burgers, I’ve never been into red meat so seafood burgers make me happy too. I didn’t know Laura was a scientist, very cool. Ohhh loving the cornstarch secret, I’ve had no idea cornstarch was so important in the fry making process.

    1. Oh man, you and me both, Mary! I love potatoes in all forms. I feel a bit like Captain Dan from Forrest Gump (remember him?) when he gets going about all the ways he likes shrimp. That’s me and potatoes: mashed, fried, diced, roasted, baked, etc. 🙂 I know you’re not a huge red meat gal, but give those falafel burgers a shot. They were a fun one! And, yes, Laura is indeed a scientist…she plays with steels and comes up with new steel alloys that are stronger and lighter than others. Pretty advanced stuff. Meanwhile, I prefer to just take pictures of my food. 😉 Thanks, Mary! I hope you had an amazing weekend, my friend!

  8. Yes! I’d love ‘fries with that’ – especially these fries! I honestly can’t believe they’re baked – they look perfectly crispy. And love that seasoning too…must try these pronto!

    1. Baked fries are seriously one of my favorites, Marissa! But I have to be careful as I can eat WAY too many of these when they’re hot out of the oven. (And like fried fries, these taste best when freshly baked…you can’t really reheat fries that well.) I hope you give these a shot! They’re really quite delicious…just try not to eat them all straight off the baking pan, ok? 🙂

  9. David, these fries of yours remind me of Checker’s Fries! They are some of my favs but it’s been ages since I had them. These days I do turn down fries – but won’t ever turn down baked ones! I’ve heard so many different ways to get ’em crispy – but haven’t heard of or tried cornstarch before! Lil Shashi is home this weekend and veggie burgers are on the menu – so am thinking am gonna have to try your cornstarch trick! Thanks Friend!
    Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Oh man, Checker’s. I haven’t seen one of those in ages! I don’t believe we have them up here now that I think about it? So cornstarch really is a good trick for baked fries. And I also like to soak the fries in water and then really press all of the liquid out with paper towels. I guess it’s a bit of a process, but when that process leads to yummy fries…then I’m ok with it! 🙂 I hope you had a blast with lil Shashi this past weekend!!

    1. Well I do trust your husbands evaluations of food, GiGi…so therefore I trust your French Fry making abilities! Do give them a shot with cornstarch if you’ve never tried this trick before…it helps pull more liquid out of the fries while they bake. Mmmm….fries…..

  10. Hi David, I’m new to your blog and am enjoying looking through your delicious recipes! This one in particular is making my mouth water! I’m a sucker for homemade fries but almost never make the myself because they are just never crispy enough or burnt. These sound fool proof and the tip about the cornstarch intrigues me! Can’t wait to give them a go on my next weekend off!

    1. Hey there, Kay! Thank you so much for stopping by my site, and thank you even more for leaving a comment! 🙂 I’m right there with ya on the love of fries, and you can indeed get homemade fries to be crispy! It takes a bit of time to cut the potatoes into thin “fry shape,” but that time is worth it for sure!

    1. That’s a great question about olive oil vs. canola oil here. I like where you’re heading with the roasted garlic infused oil, but here’s the thing. The smoke point of extra-virgin olive oil is around 375-425. Since these fries are baked at 425, I would not recommend using extra virgin olive oil. However, if the oil you have is “regular” (i.e. not extra-virgin) olive oil, then you should be ok as the smoke point for regular olive oil is a bit higher…around 465. I hope this makes sense, and I hope you enjoy these fries…they’re delicious! 🙂

  11. Hi, David. I just found your site and am finding a lot of interesting recipes. Being a transplant myself, from Mississippi to Michigan, I too miss that food, especially the hushpuppies. And the greens, be it turnip, collard, or my favorite, mustard greens.

    I have a quick question about this oven baked potato fry recipe. Why do you soak the potatoes in cold water?


    1. Hey there, Susan! Ah, I completely understand the challenges when it comes to moving away from the South…and the delicious Southern food. 🙂 I do have a bunch of Cajun/Creole recipes here on the site, so take a look around when you get a chance!

      As far as soaking the potatoes in cold water, it helps remove some of the starch which in turn leads to crispier fries once they’re baked. Of course, the soaking happens after the potatoes are sliced. It’s a quick trick that makes the fries taste so much better (in my opinion)! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and let me know if you have questions/thoughts on other recipes. I’m happy to help!

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