5 Bakery Logos We Love + Submit YOUR faves!

best bakery logos

What makes a fabulous bakery logo? Is it color? A “baked good” motif? What do you think are the key ingredients to the perfect bakery logo? We think bold, simple, and eye-catching logos can be hard to come by so we’re sharing 5 of our FAVORITE bakery logos!

1. Allyson Jane Designer Desserts

WHAT WE LOVE: simple design, differentiating color, perfect shape for stickers + product containers! (logo designed by Anders Ruff Custom Designs)

2. SWEET Captivating Cupcakes & Other Sweet Necessities

WHAT WE LOVE: color scheme, noticeable circle pattern, easy to read!

3. Vanilla BAKE SHOP

WHAT WE LOVE: simple script font, easy to read, simple flower motif, elegant and fitting for their products

4. Sandbox Bakery

WHAT WE LOVE: clever spoon motif, vibrant recognizable colors, simple font

5. Russell’s Cafe & Bakery

WHAT WE LOVE: easy to read, unique color, simple motif, perfect shape for stickers and product containers

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    1. LOVE Modern Cupcake’s logo too! Especially how the motif is part of the wording! + cute colors! It’s on our FAVE LIST!

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