Happy Birthday, Oreo!

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Did you know that it’s Oreo’s birthday? I mean the cookie, of course. Today, March 6th, the Oreo cookie turns 100. That’s 10 decades or 1,200 months or 36,500 days or 876,000 hours. Also, don’t check my math because I’m probably wrong. The important thing here is to realize how old everyone’s favourite cookie is. Whether you’re munching on it as comfort food or because, like me, you really just can’t control yourself, the Oreo is such a diverse baking ingredient. To honour our friend, I’ve composed a round-up of 6 recipes that you can make yourself that incorporate Oreo cookies! Yay, right?

1. Chocolate-Covered Oreo Cookie Cake via Kraft

2. Brownie Oreo Trifle via Baking Away

3. Cookies and Cream Cupcakes via Bakerella

4. Oreo Cream Pie via Nabisco World

5. Slutty Brownies via Handle the Heat

6. Easy Oreo Truffles via Kraft

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  1. I recently made some oreo balls with Berry Burst Ice Cream flavored oreos. I coated them with white chocolate. DE-LISH!

    Thank you for these great links!

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