6 Sweet Desserts in a Jar!

We’ve jumped on the bandwagon and are HUGE fans of sweet treats in jars! Mason jars are already on the cuteness chart for their vintage feel and simple design so add in a pie or cake? Off the charts fabulous! We’ve rounded up some of our FAVORITE recipes + ideas for making sweet treats in jars.

peach pie in a jar

PEACH PIE IN A JAR – would could be better than Southern peaches baked into a delicious pie and served in a mini jar?! Some Kitchen Stories has the details!

chocolate root beer cake in jar

CHOCOLATE ROOT BEER CAKE IN A JAR – Root beer meets chocolate for this sweet jar treat! Crumbs + Cookies shares the recipe and directions for this yummy baked goodie.


NEAPOLITAN CAKE IN A JAR – sweet strawberry, classic vanilla, and rich chocolate combine for the ultimate jar cake! The perfect classic treat to make for friends or family! Check out the recipe + directions here to make Neapolitan Cakes in a Jar!


BLACKBERRY LEMON GOAT CHEESE CHEESECAKE – it doesn’t get more decadent than this cheesecake served in the perfect proportion in a mason jar! Dash of East shares the how-to!

brownies in a jar

BROWNIES IN A JAR – add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of rich, delicious chocolate brownies made in a jar! What could be better? Just a Taste shares this brownie in a jar recipe!

smores in a jar

SMORES IN A JAR – This one wins as my favorite sweet treat in a jar! Smores cake in a mason jar might be the best sounding dessert we’ve heard! So light up the campfire and make this yummy treat for friends!

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