Corn Dogs with Creamy Honey Buffalo Sauce

I’ve partnered with SocialStars and Johnsonville to create these
Corn Dogs with Creamy Honey Buffalo Sauce.
Food on a stick always tastes better!  Always!  #SausageFamily

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Food on a stick always tastes better! These Corndogs with Creamy Honey Buffalo Sauce are quite tasty!And we’re back with another classic fair food!  After eating dessert first with our Candy Apples the other day, it’s time to turn our attention to something a bit more savory.  Corn dogs.  Food on a stick is a requirement when it comes to state fair food.  And when it comes to food on a stick, it’s hard to beat a smoked sausage wrapped in a tasty cornbread batter!  But I’m taking it one step further and serving these corn dogs with a Creamy Honey Buffalo Sauce.  A little bit sweet.  A little bit spicy.  A whole lotta delicious!

Food on a stick always tastes better! These Corndogs with Creamy Honey Buffalo Sauce are quite tasty!We’ll come back to these Corn Dogs with Creamy Honey Buffalo Sauce in a moment.  But first, I have to say that I’ve done it.  I accomplished my goal.  You might remember that one of my lifelong quests is to find Bigfoot.  I’m convinced that he is living somewhere in our backyard.  Our backyard turns into overgrown bushes and trees once you get past the fence…and that sounds like the perfect place for Bigfoot to be hiding!

So the other day,  I was heading up to get Robbie from daycare.  I was driving along the road that runs behind our house…way back behind all of those overgrown bushes and trees.  I looked up, and there it was.  Bigfoot.

yetiOk, so maybe Bigfoot was really just a large wooden cutout in our neighbor’s yard.  And Bigfoot just happened to be carrying a candy bucket for Halloween.  (Let’s be real, though…if you were Bigfoot, wouldn’t you want to carry a bucket for Halloween candy, too?  Yeah…that’s what I thought!)  My apologies for the photo here.  I had to pull over on the side of the road to grab this photo.  But then again, it wouldn’t be a photo of Bigfoot if it wasn’t blurry, right?  Oh, and speaking of Bigfoot, have you seen this video from an eagle nest camera in Michigan?  It’s enough to stop and make you wonder!

Food on a stick always tastes better! These Corndogs with Creamy Honey Buffalo Sauce are quite tasty!Enough Bigfoot shenanigans!  It’s clear that my recent Bigfoot sighting was just a hoax, so I will need to continue with my expeditions into the wilderness beyond our fence.  Wish me luck!  In case you’re wondering, hunting Bigfoot really makes you quite hungry.  And that’s where we come back to the Corn Dogs with Creamy Honey Buffalo Sauce.  (See, I told you I was coming back to these!)

Food on a stick always tastes better! These Corndogs with Creamy Honey Buffalo Sauce are quite tasty!We’re huge fans of buffalo sauce around our house, and we’ll use it on almost anything.  So when we picked up a pack of Johnsonville’s Smoked Sausage Corn Dogs, I knew I needed a fun dipping sauce.  I wanted to go with something spicy, but I was also feeling the draw of a honey mustard type of sauce.  That’s when I decided to just pull the two ideas together into this Creamy Honey Buffalo Sauce.  This one is tasty!  Like seriously tasty!  The heat from the buffalo sauce hits you first, and then the honey comes in to cool off the burn.  Perfect dipping sauce for corn dogs!

Food on a stick always tastes better! These Corndogs with Creamy Honey Buffalo Sauce are quite tasty!We baked these corn dogs up for dinner earlier this week, and to quote my wife, “These corn dogs are A-MA-ZING.”  Or something like that.  They seriously were delicious, though.  Start with a Johnsonville smoked sausage (which is already quite tasty) and then wrap it up in flavorful cornbread.  Johnsonville’s corn dogs are made with 100% premium pork, and they feature 35% more meat than other corn dogs.  They come in 2 varieties (Original Smoked Sausage and Beddar with Cheddar), and they are available exclusively at your local Walmart.

And of course it’s served up on a stick.  Food on a stick always tastes better.  Always.  I hope you enjoy these Corn Dogs with Creamy Buffalo Sauce as much as we did!  Cheers!

Food on a stick always tastes better! These Corndogs with Creamy Honey Buffalo Sauce are quite tasty!

Corn Dogs with Creamy Honey Buffalo Sauce

Food on a stick always tastes better! These Corndogs with Creamy Honey Buffalo Sauce are quite tasty!
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 8 servings
Calories: 97kcal



  • Using a small bowl, whisk all ingredients together until smooth. Garnish with chopped green onions and a pinch of cayenne pepper.
  • Serve with Johnsonville Smoked Sausage Corn Dogs.

Food on a stick always tastes better! These Corndogs with Creamy Honey Buffalo Sauce are quite tasty!

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  1. Too too funny about those yard Bigfoot or is it bigfoots cos it cannot be bigfeets, right? Funny thing is I saw the iron version of those in Ellijay this past weekend when Lil Shashi and I went apple picking – apparently they are into bigfoot BIG time up there! I had to check out that eagle cam and I first thought it was a black bear – but gosh darn – it walked like a man!

    As for these corn dogs with Johnsonville, I gotta echo Laura and say they sure are A-MA-ZING!!! Oooh and that honey buffalo sauce is good enough to eat with a spoon! 🙂

    1. Hah…good question, Shashi! I have no idea what the plural of Bigfoot is. Let’s just call them Yeti. That’s nice and easy. 🙂 So Ellijay is into Bigfoot, eh? Another reason I need to move back south…and to Ellijay in particular! I’m gonna find me a Bigfoot, darn it all! And yes, I agree with you about that eagle cam. Whatever that was just walked a little too strange…creepy!

  2. Hi David! You know I have a weakness for corn dogs and this sauce sounds like a perfect pairing! Now if you post elephant ears you will have completed my fair wish list! 🙂 No bigfoot sightings here, just cows!

    1. Yes! I’ll be happy to share my corn dogs and dipping sauce with you, Dorothy…but you better hurry! And you’re right, I should have lined up elephant ears for Friday to make this a full week of fair food! That would have been awesome.

      Oh, and I hear that Bigfoot likes to hide amongst the cows. You better look at that herd closely…

  3. David!! I love the fair food mood you are on!! I love food fair!! my daughters are crazy about corn dogs! That Bigfoot stuff is crazy! made me laugh!! lol!
    But my eyes really drop when seeing these corn dogs and this amazing honey buffalo sauce!! well done!

    1. I am indeed on a fair food kick, Gaila! 🙂 And, yes, it’s hard to beat corn dogs when it comes to fair food. But I did take it up a notch with this sauce. Man, this is a good one! I was scraping the bottom of that bowl. Haha! Thanks so much for your comments!

  4. Ok, given the fair food passion as of late, any chance you’re going to be writing about funnel cakes next? Always love a good dippin’ sauce, I think this would also go well with some wings, or some BBQd chicken. Or, I use it as an excuse to buy some corndogs (yup, that option wins).

    1. Haha! Dorothy just suggested the same thing. I don’t know how I missed that one, but funnel cakes would have been a perfect recipe to post on Friday. Oh well. I’ve never made a funnel cake…but it does sound like a fun experiment to try sometime. This dippin’ sauce is amazing, Matt. I was scraping the bottom of the bowl…with a piece of celery. That’s how yummy it was! (The corn dogs were long gone by that point.)

  5. Your creamy Honey Buffalo Sauce sounds divine; I would use it on everything. I don’t eat meat, but I found these tasty vegan corndogs that I can’t get enough. I will be making this sauce to slather all over my healthy dogs. You found Big Foot, what fun Halloween decorations. 🙂

    1. Ooo…I didn’t realize they make vegan corndogs! That’s awesome…because everyone needs corndogs. Especially in the Fall when it’s state fair season! And yes, the sauce might not be the healthiest thing…but that’s why you serve it with corndogs and veggies! (Instead of corndogs and funnel cakes…haha!) Thanks, Mary!

  6. I saw that video yesterday and I gotta say as much as I’d love to believe, at least it’s always entertaining… these type of Bigfoot video footage.
    Gotta love food on a stick and corndogs are always a county fair weakness for me. Great idea using coked sausages Dave, great flavors going on here. I’m usually a mustard dipper for the corndog, but this may change my mind!

    1. Yeah, I agree with you, Kevin. I want to believe about that video of Bigfoot. I mean it seems creepily suspicious enough…but there’s no way. Right? Right? 🙂 Let’s grab some corndogs and go Squatch huntin’, mmmkay? 🙂

  7. Hahaha! I’m so glad you finally found Bigfoot! It’s a good thing he had a Halloween basket to distract him so you could snap your pic! I can’t imagine a better snack than a delicious corn dog after that adventure! And isn’t everything better on a stick?!?! 🙂

    1. Yeah, you’re totally right, Rachelle. If it wasn’t for that Halloween basket, there is NO way I could have gotten that photo. I mean Bigfoot is fast. I know that from personal experience. But he slowed down because he dropped a mini candy bar…and *boom* that’s when I snapped the photo. Proof! 🙂 And yes, these corndogs were the perfect way to celebrate my long-awaited Bigfoot success story!

    1. Well, you know what, Dawn? It sounds like we need to get together and go on a Bigfoot hunt. I’ll bring the corndogs and dipping sauce…you bring the cupcakes. Ok? 🙂

  8. Oh no! Bigfoot, lol!! He is looking for those corndogs…hehehe! Love food like this, especially on the weekend! Easy peasy and tasty! Now you’re talking. That honey buffalo sauce would be awesome on just about anything, I would imagine….extra cayenne for me please 🙂

    1. I totally agree, Dawn! I think Bigfoot was out looking for my corndogs. Unfortunately for him, I ate them all. (Well, there’s still a box in my freezer, but let’s keep that between us, ok? I don’t think Bigfoot reads the internet anyways…) And extra spicy honey buffalo dipping sauce coming right up! Yum!!

  9. These corn dogs look and sound great, David. But the sause. I didn’t know buffalo sauce exists. At first I though you caught a real buffalo, chopped it…well Halloween might be affecting my imagination haha. So I’m glad this delish sauce turned out something else:) And Bigfoot? No biggie. I’ve seen recently a dozens in the lavender filed. Probably it’s the common place to live, eh?

    1. Hahaha…what? Do they not have buffalo sauce up there in Canada? Heck, it comes from Buffalo, NY, and Buffalo is close to Canada. They have to have buffalo sauce up thee! (Maybe it’s called Moose sauce instead??)

      Wait…Bigfoot lives in the lavender fields!? No wonder I’ve never seen him…

  10. This looks like the perfect little snack after a Bigfoot hunt – can’t believe you managed to capture it all on camera 🙂 Completely agree with your statement that food on a stick tastes always better. The dipping sauce sounds delicious – what a lovely taste combination!

    1. Yeah, I can’t believe I captured that image either, Miriam. I saw Bigfoot, but I was afraid the photo wouldn’t do it justice. But it worked! I caught the guy on camera! 🙂 And thanks so much for your kind words about the sauce. Spicy + sweet = amazing! Have an awesome weekend, Miriam!!

  11. The thing about corndogs is, you never want to be photographed eating one. Politicians visiting the Midwest are often forced to eat them, of course, to prove … I don’t know, that they’re not robots? Not aliens? Not above carnie food? I have a huge collection of politicians eating corndogs. It’s not pretty. If Clinton comes to visit me – what am I saying? NEXT TIME Clinton comes to visit me, I will serve her your corndogs.

    1. Haha! I totally agree with you, Heather. Corn dogs are down-home comfort food…but this sauce is mighty tasty. Heck, I think this sauce would be great for all sorts of things! Just keepin’ it classy over here! 🙂

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