Funfetti Cupcakes

These homemade Funfetti Cupcakes are fun and festive…and perfect for any season!

Homemade Funfetti Cupcakes | Spicedblog.comWhat’s more fun than adding sprinkles to desserts?  I have an addiction keep a whole collection of sprinkles on hand to garnish everything from cupcakes and cakes to ice cream and milkshakes.  I wish I could say that I even eat sprinkles by themselves…but they really don’t taste so great.  But they sure do look awesome!  So it should come as no surprise that Funfetti Cupcakes rank pretty high up there on my list of favorite desserts.  They’re perfect for any season, and they’re sure to be a crowd favorite…if you can keep from eating them all first!

After my wife and I got married, she surprised me for our first Valentine’s Day with a funfetti cake.  While she may have used a box cake mix, the fact that she baked me a cake was pretty darned special.  (You see, my wife rarely bakes…so when she does, it’s always a special treat.)  Somehow that Valentine’s funfetti cake became a tradition around our house, and every year my wife takes over the kitchen for an afternoon and bakes a delicious cake.  And every year, that cake seems to get bigger and bigger.  Not sure how that happened.  (Ok, I might have had something to do with that…just sayin’.)

Homemade Funfetti Cupcakes | Spicedblog.comOf course, I started wondering recently what would happen if I took my go-to white cake recipe and added sprinkles to the batter.  It was only the best funfetti cake ever (other than the one my wife makes, of course).  I then whipped up a quick batch of vanilla frosting and frosted those cupcakes before I ate them all.  After a quick dip in a big bucket of sprinkles, those cupcakes were ready to go…and they remain one of my favorite desserts in recent memory!
I also posted this Funfetti Cupcake recipe over on Food Fanatic, and they are awesome enough to let me share the recipe here, too.  Enjoy!


  1. I love sprinkles too and have a collection that is bordering an obsession. Ok…I’m heading over now for the recipe!!

    • Haha, yes!! Another sprinkle addict. Although I’m not as bad as my sister…yet. She has sprinkles organized in one of those over-the-door shoe hangers.

  2. I seriously doubt your sister has any obsession or addiction….at all! WINK!
    These cupcakes look awesome David, and I love how you placed the sprinkles just on the outer part of the frosting, very neat! Now excuse me while I head over to Food Fanatic…

    • Hey Wendy! There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a bigger collection of sprinkles than the aisle at the craft store, right? Thanks for stopping by…now I just wish I still had some of these cupcakes in my kitchen. (They went with my wife to her coworkers…)

  3. These look super fun! I’ve never tried funfetti cupcakes- but they look so good! I love sprinkles- so I should really try the recipe :)

  4. Sprinkles make everything more fun! Love how you just put the sprinkles on the edge.

  5. There’s nothing like funfetti cake to transport me back to my childhood. I don’t think that there’s anybody who doesn’t adore it. These cakes look absolutely delicious, David!

  6. I’ve always thought it was kind of weird, but I’m a huge fan of rainbow sprinkles… I pretty much require rainbow sprinkles anytime I get soft serve ice cream, and refuse to accept chocolate sprinkles or those non pareils. Glad to know there is another guy out there who’s a sprinkle fan!

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