Cinnamon Cheesecake Dessert Samosas

Cinnamon Cheesecake Dessert Somosa--click for recipe from Spiced!

I love party food.  Seriously, I look for every possible excuse to make party food.  Super Bowl.  St. Patrick’s Day.  First official day of summer.  Yup, they are all perfect reasons to make some delicious party food!  (I may or may not have used my dogs’ birthdays as excuses in the past.)  So the other day, I noticed that Mission has reformulated their tortilla recipe to make them softer and easier to fold.  Are you thinking the same thing as me?  Yup, excuse to make party food!

Cinnamon Cheesecake Dessert Somosa--click for recipe from Spiced!I grabbed a couple packs of the medium-sized Mission super-soft flour tortillas and headed home to create samosas!  Instead of going with the traditional Indian flavors typically found in samosas, I decided to mix it up a bit.  I have been craving cheesecake lately (ok, maybe I’m always craving cheesecake), so I pulled out the recipe for my Easy Cream Cheese Bars, and baked up a quick batch minus the pastry shell.  Once it cooled, this mixture worked perfectly as a filling for these Cinnamon Cheesecake Dessert Samosas.  I dusted them liberally with cinnamon and sugar as soon as they were done cooking, and the result was an incredible two-bite dessert.  Normally you need to make dough in order to make samosas, but the Mission Tortillas worked beautifully.  They were easy to wrap and I used a simple egg wash as “glue” to seal the edges.

Cinnamon Cheesecake Dessert Somosa--click for recipe from Spiced!After I tasted the Cinnamon Cheesecake Dessert Samosas, I knew I was on to something…so I started looking around for other filling ideas.  I had a couple of potatoes on the counter staring at me (literally–they were starting to grow eyes), so I decided to try making Bacon Cheddar Samosas.  And man, were these delicious!  I loaded up on the bacon and cheddar, and I used mashed potatoes to hold it all together.  Perfect party food!

Cinnamon Cheesecake Dessert Samosas


    For the Cinnamon Cheesecake Dessert Samosas
  • 1 package medium Mission flour tortillas
  • 1 8-ounce packages cream cheese, softened
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup pecans, chopped
  • cinnamon/sugar to garnish
  • For the Bacon Cheddar Samosas
  • 1 package medium Mission flour tortillas
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/4 cup red onion, sliced
  • 1 cup mashed potatoes
  • 4 slices of bacon, cooked and crumbled
  • 1/4 cup cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 1/2 tsp pepper


    For the Cinnamon Cheesecake Dessert Samosas:
  1. In a mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, mix the cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, and 1/2 beaten egg until well-combined. (Save the other 1/2 of the beaten egg to use as an egg wash to seal samosas!)
  2. Pour the cream cheese mixture into a foil-lined jelly roll pan.
  3. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.
  4. While the cream cheese mixture is cooling, toast the pecans at 300 degrees for 5-7 minutes.
  5. Once cool, place the cream cheese mixture in a small bowl and stir in toasted pecans.
  6. Skip to Step 10 for instructions on how to make & fill the samosas.
  7. For the Bacon Cheddar Samosas:
  8. In a small saute pan, saute the onions and garlic over medium heat for about 5-7 minutes.
  9. Once onions are slightly translucent, add the remaining ingredients and stir until well combined.
  10. Heat for another 1-2 minutes or until entire mixture is heated through.
  11. To Make and Fill Samosas:
  12. Cut about 1" off of either side of the round tortillas. Then cut each tortilla in half vertically. (See picture in this post.)
  13. Lay one tortilla piece out lengthwise. Brush entire top surface of tortilla with egg wash. Join the two outer edges of the tortilla together to create a cone shape. Press edges together to seal. (Use more egg wash if needed to seal.) (See picture in this post.)
  14. Fill with 1-2 tablespoons of filling (cone should be about 3/4 full).
  15. Brush more egg wash onto top of the cone and then press together to seal samosa. (Finished samosa should be triangular in shape.)
  16. Repeat process with remaining tortillas.
  17. Pour 3-4" of canola oil in a deep saute pan and heat over medium heat until oil reaches 350 degrees. (Approximately 5-7 minutes.) A deep fryer can also be used.
  18. Place 2-3 samosas at a time into oil and cook until deep golden brown in color (approximately 3-4 minutes total.) Repeat with remaining samosas. (If making the Cinnamon Cheesecake Dessert Samosas, toss the finished samosas in a bag with cinnamon and sugar.)
  19. Serve warm.

Next time you need party food, don’t forget about these Mission Tortilla Samosas!  They are perfect size (2 bites), and you can experiment and have fun with the fillings.  Enjoy!

Mission supplied the flour tortillas used in this post, but the recipes and opinions are entirely my own.


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