Smoky Pepper and Onion Cheeseburger

Break out the grill and serve up this Smoky Pepper and Onion Cheeseburger for dinner tonight!

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Break out the grill and serve up this Smoky Pepper and Onion Cheeseburger for dinner tonight!We took Robbie out the other day to get some professional photos.  Yes, they are a bit cheesy (aka glamour shot style), but they are also kinda fun.  It wouldn’t be a proper childhood without some staged portraits in there somewhere.  Plus, we need some cute photos to pull out later when he’s in high school…or better yet at his rehearsal dinner when he gets married!

On a side note, I spend many hours a day behind a camera taking pictures of food.  But apparently taking pictures of food doesn’t translate to taking pictures of babies.  I have much respect for people who can take good pictures of babies!  At least my food doesn’t roll away…or drool…or cry.

Break out the grill and serve up this Smoky Pepper and Onion Cheeseburger for dinner tonight!We picked up our prints the other day, and we set up a big assembly line in the kitchen.  Laura wrote cards to her family.  I wrote cards to my family.  Then we divided up the photos into each of the cards.  We addressed our own respective cards, stamped them and then Laura left them in a pile on the kitchen counter.

You see, my wife won’t lick envelopes.  I think it’s because she remembers the Seinfeld episode where George’s wife dies from licking too many envelopes.  Either way, I get to lick all of the envelopes in this house.  Blech.

I know I could get one of those tubes with a sponge on the end to help seal envelopes.  But let’s be real.  That’s just one more gadget that I don’t need in the kitchen drawer.  I’d rather get a banana slicer before I get an envelope sealer.  (Ok, maybe not.  I don’t need either one.  But you get my point here.)  So I dutifully went along and licked all of the envelopes.  Blech.

Break out the grill and serve up this Smoky Pepper and Onion Cheeseburger for dinner tonight!Why can’t the folks who make envelopes create a glue that tastes better?  How about cheesecake flavored envelope glue?  Or perhaps chocolate chip cookie envelope glue?  Or let’s go savory and create a grilled cheeseburger envelope glue.  No?  Since that hasn’t happened (yet), I took the long way and just grilled up a delicious Smoky Pepper and Onion Cheeseburger for after the envelope licking marathon.

Break out the grill and serve up this Smoky Pepper and Onion Cheeseburger for dinner tonight!I typically use some sort of bread crumbs in my burgers.  Sometimes it’s bread crumbs (like in these Italian Meatball Burgers), or sometimes it’s just crumbled saltines.  But this time, I went big.  I used French fried onions.  Yup, the same French fried onions that go on top of green bean casserole.  I’ve never been a huge fan of green bean casserole, but those French fried onions are delicious…so it makes sense that they’d be a great addition to a Smoky Pepper and Onion Cheeseburger, too!

Break out the grill and serve up this Smoky Pepper and Onion Cheeseburger for dinner tonight!As you guys know, we love grilling around here.  I think the grill is out at least 4 or 5 nights a week.  Sometimes it’s something simple like grilled veggies from the garden, while other times we go with grilled chicken or burgers.  I gotta say that the Smoky Pepper and Onion Cheeseburger is now pretty high on my list of favorites…and that says a lot since I love a good burger!  The smokiness comes from the bit of ground chipotle powder and barbecue sauce.  Then add a pile of sauteed onions and peppers on this bad boy before serving, and it’s one epic summer meal.  Happy grilling season, y’all!

Break out the grill and serve up this Smoky Pepper and Onion Cheeseburger for dinner tonight!

Smoky Pepper and Onion Cheeseburger

Break out the grill and serve up this Smoky Pepper and Onion Cheeseburger for dinner tonight!
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Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Servings: 4 servings
Calories: 541kcal


For the Onions and Peppers

For the Burgers

To Assemble


For the Onions and Peppers

  • Using a large skillet, add the olive oil and place over medium heat. Add onions, bell pepper and salt. Cook for 10-12 minutes, stirring occasionally, or until soft.

For the Burgers

  • Preheat grill to medium-high heat.
  • In a large bowl, combined all of the burger ingredients until just combined. Shape into 4 patties and gently indent the center of each patty with your thumb.
  • Brush grill grates with vegetable oil or spray with nonstick grilling spray. Grill burgers for 4-5 minutes per side, or until they reach desired doneness.
  • {Optional} Place burger buns cut-side down on grill for 1-2 minutes.
  • Spread 1 Tbsp of barbecue sauce on each of 4 bottom buns. Assemble burgers and top with onions and peppers.

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  1. I am a huge fan of green bean casserole (primarily because of the French-fried onions), so I cannot WAIT to try putting those in a burger. These look crazy delicious! And I definitely feel you on the struggles of non-food photography. I think I’ve managed to take one(?) good photo of my dog in the three years that I’ve had her.

    1. Haha! Tell me about it, Mara! I got lucky the other day and got a good image of Robbie. But I think that’s purely because I snapped about 20 images in a minute, and one of them happened to be good. I’d much rather stick with my food since it doesn’t move…or drool. 🙂

  2. David, such pictures not only are the fun memories, but also they could be used for blackmailing. Imagine this conversation: “Robbie, if you don’t clean your room, I promise THOSE pictures will be posted on FB.” As about envelops, can I give you a free piece of advice? Next time you can grab some slightly dump paper towel which will exellent seal your envelopes. But I’d like to seal some lavender scented envelopes though (Just saying.) P.S. Beautiful and delicious burger!

    1. Oh, you’re telling me, Ben! I’ve already been there in my mind. Poor Robbie (indeed, poor any kid these days with cell phone cameras…). I like the way you think about cleaning the room, too! In fact, his room is a bit messy right now. I wonder if I could start early? (Heck, we both know I’m going to post funny images here either way…but if I can con him into cleaning his room, too? Bonus!) Thanks for the envelope tip, too. I should’ve done that!

  3. Oh my god, he is so cute! Thanks for sharing that pic David, it made me smile. Such a gorgeous smile he has, god bless him with all the happiness in this world! and I hear you, I have come to a point where I can only take food I don’t even know how to click human beings anymore! love these burger, the flavors sound wonderful!

    1. Awww, thanks, Manali! I’m glad little Robbie could bring a smile to your face. 🙂 He really is a sweet kid. He has his moments (after all, he IS a kid), but in general he is quite pleasant.

      And I’m right there with ya on the food pics. We can put our food down, walk away and it’s still there 15 minutes later. 🙂

  4. Looks delicious! I love the idea of using bread crumbs or saltines in your burger–I may have to try that! And Robbie is absolutely adorable! It’s very sweet that you are already thinking about his high school graduation and wedding. He is a lucky boy!

    1. Yup, the bread crumbs or saltines help balance out the liquid from the egg. (And the egg helps bind everything together.) It’s a trick I learned from one of my best friends back when I lived in Baton Rouge…and now it’s the only way I make burgers! Thanks so much for your kind words, Amanda!

  5. Oh la laaaa….sound like you have the toughest job aka envelope licking, lol. But that picture of Robbie looks super adorable. And I do respect kids photographer. And this cheeseburger looks totally smoking hot! And perfect with grilled veggies.

    1. Blech. Envelope licking. No thanks! But I’ll do it…even if it tastes like blech. I hear ya on the kids photography. When we visited Nashville recently, my sister had one of her photographer friends come over to get some shots of the kids. Holy woah. Talk about a tornado. I’ll just stick to my food. It doesn’t move around on the plate…or cry…or drool. 🙂 Thanks, Linda!

  6. Hahaha – I got a good chuckle reading Ben’s comment, Yes! Those candid non-professional photos do come in handy if they bring a potential significant other you don’t approve of – or, like Ben said, when they slack on chores! I have a few of Lil Shashi I plan on breaking out when she brings a boy home!
    And heck yeah – I’d get a job as an envelope licker if they came up with envelope glur that tasted like cheesecake or chocolate chip cookie or even a grilled cheeseburger – especially if it had french fried onions in the mix! Which, btw, is such a brillaint idea, David! I always have a can of leftover French Fried onions in my pantry after Christmas that I end up throwing out – but now -thanks to you – I’ll use them in burgers – maybe even tofu ones!

    1. Uh oh…I really hope you approve of the boy lil Shashi brings home. Otherwise it’s gonna get ugly when the old home photos start to come out! Haha! Kids these days are doomed thanks to cell phone cameras. Every embarrassing moment is captured and saved for that perfect opportunity years later.

      And yes, don’t throw away those french fried onions…use ’em in a tofu burger! (By the way, I didn’t realize you could ‘mix’ tofu like ground beef. I thought it stayed as a block. I clearly have a lot to learn about that one…haha)

  7. Your son is so adorable. Love that smile 🙂 Burger recipe sounds so flavorful and delicious. I should try this version soon! Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thank you so much, Kushi! We really are lucky to have such a pleasant kid. 🙂 And yes, this burger recipe is quite delicious. Yay for summer burgers on the grill!

  8. Dave, what an evil person you are- Pretending those shots were for Robbie- They were totally your glamor shots!

    Haha, envelops of glue…reminds me of Seinfeld! I tried taking photos of some friends and it was blurry. Bloody Aper-WHAT. These burgers look bomb!

    1. Hahaha…sigh. You caught me, Arman. I really wanted to go in and whip my hair back over my shoulder and give the camera my best Blue Steel impersonation. Sadly that photo was a little blurry, or else I’d share it with you. 🙂

  9. Love the photo of Robbie – it is such a good idea to invest in professional photos. It is for life nevertheless and I am sure he’ll appreciate having them for his rehearsal dinner, high school etc. I don’t like licking envelopes either, that’s why I bought self seal envelopes but I think your chocolate flavoured glue idea is even better – you should definitely pitch that to some companies 😉 So hungry after reading your post – would not say no to a Smoky Pepper and Onion Cheeseburger right now!

    1. Yeah, I wasn’t thinking about the professional photos, but Laura really wanted to get some done…especially while he’s still young. And I’m glad we made the investment to do it. Some of these photos have turned out amazing!

      Yes to the self-seal envelopes! That’s what I buy, too. The problem is the little notecard-sized envelopes don’t come in a self-seal version. I’m thinking we need to create this…or at least chocolate-chip flavored “glue”! Thanks so much, Miriam! 🙂

  10. Awwwh, those photos are so cute and they have to be done! I think you should pull them out at every opportunity when he is older. I think when he is going on a first date would be a great time haha.
    I love adding peppers and onions on a burger to give them a bit of a veggie boost too.

    1. Haha…you’re about as mean as I am, Dannii! Can you imagine pulling out baby photos when the little guy is going on his first date? He’ll be nervous enough as it is! I hope you’re saving up these ideas, though…pretty soon you’ll be doing the same!

    1. Haha! I sure hope so, Kathy…because those envelopes. Blech! Cheers to burger season. I hope the weather isn’t too hot in your area right now. 🙂

  11. OMG!! This is my kind of burger David! You seriously had me at chipotle and sharp cheddar cheese. Will have to try these very soon. YUM! Also, your wife is a very smart woman. I refuse to lick envelopes too because of that Seinfeld episode so I always use a wet sponge. BTW, your son is such an adorable cutie pie 🙂

    1. Hah…I had no idea so many other people refuse to lick envelopes. I thought my wife was nuts, but apparently not! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Cheers to burger season, Karrie! 🙂

  12. What a cute little dude!! And these burgers, my goodness. I love using those French fried onions on cheesesteaks when I’m feeling superbly lazy/don’t feel like bringing on the waterworks by cutting up an onion…thanks for fueling my addiction of adding them to everything!! These burgers look like everything I need this grilling season 🙂

    1. French fried onions on cheesesteaks? Now there’s a fun idea! Those little things are packed with flavor, so they’re fun to use in burgers. Now I wonder how else we can use ’em? Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, Jessica! 🙂

  13. Hi David! Chipotle, cheese and onions in the burgers…YES! And I love onions and peppers, we just had brats cooked in beer and topped with them! I have never liked green bean casserole but I think it’s the canned soup I object to. Professional photos are nice, but my favorites are always the candid “got ya” pics! Robbie, of course, is one handsome little man!

    1. The ‘got ya’ pics are most definitely my favorites, too! But the professional photos are nice for scrapbooks and to have some nice photos in frames on my desk. I’m right there with ya on the green bean casserole, too. I’m pretty sure we have the same tastebuds! I hope you and Gary have an awesome weekend…stay cool down there!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments, Linda! Summer is all about grilling, and burgers are one of my favorite summer dinners. 🙂

  14. There’s a solid chance that I might turn into a burger by the end of this summer, but honestly, I’m not even mad about it. Especially if I turn into a burger like this. This looks so stinking delicious and full of flavor- cannot WAIT to try!

    1. Haha! I think there are far worse fates than turning into a burger, Karly. Maybe there is a fairy godmother out there with a hamburger wand! (If such a wand exists, I kinda need it.) Thanks so much!

    1. Great question, Mel! Burgers tend to swell up while cooking, and the indentation in the middle makes sure the burger comes out flat. Otherwise, the burger can come out rounded in the center. Happy grilling! 🙂

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