Kitchen Redesign with Delta Faucet

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Delta Kitchen Faucet options #Touch20 #DeltaFaucetInspired

As a food blogger, I spend the better part of my days in the kitchen.  (Unless of course I’m putting up a new post, or checking out PinterestFacebook, or Instagram.)  My wife and I have lived in our house for a little over two years now, and when we first moved in, I loved the kitchen.  I’ve always enjoyed spending time in the kitchen, so I appreciated the seemingly large counters and natural design of the kitchen.  But as I began spending more time on Spiced, I realized there are several things I would love to change about my kitchen.  And believe it or not, more counter-space is one of the top things on the list.  But the #1 thing on my kitchen wishlist is a new sink.  I personally love undermounted sinks as it makes counter clean-up so much easier.  And I’m kinda particular about my kitchen faucet, too.  I need a faucet which is easy to turn on without getting covered in sticky dough or some other messy ingredients.  So I am happy to announce that I am beginning a small kitchen redesign, and the first step will be replacing the current faucet with a new Delta Touch20 Faucet.  I can’t wait!

Delta's Kitchen Personality Quiz #Touch20 #DeltaFaucetInspired

I’ve decided to go with the Delta Touch20 Faucet for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, these awesome faucets are touch-activated.  Yup, that’s right.  You can turn it on and off with a simple touch.  That’s incredibly beneficial for me because when I’m making recipes like Rustic Pizza Dough or Smoky Whiskey BBQ Burgers, I need an easy way to turn on the kitchen faucet without getting raw ingredients all over everything.  Delta’s Touch20 Technology lets you turn on (and off) the water flow with a simple touch.  There is also an automatic shut-off after 4 min which helps prevent water waste.  (I can imagine that being a nice feature for those of you with kids who might forget to occasionally turn off the water!)  Delta Faucet’s Touch20 Faucets rely on the same technology as your smart phone, tablets, and ATM machines.  How cool is that?  I can’t wait to install this high-tech kitchen faucet!

Delta Kitchen Personality Quiz #Touch20 #DeltaFaucetInspiredDelta Faucet offer 8 different lines of kitchen faucets, and they also offer 3 different options for bathrooms (in case your bathroom needs a little upgrade).  But, for me, one of the hardest things about upgrading faucets is deciding which option is the best.  Not only do I have to select the right style, but then I have to decide on the correct finish.  Well, Delta Faucet knows that many people struggle with this same problem, so they created some online style and kitchen personality quizzes to help you decide which faucet is the best option for you!  As it turns out, my style is Transitional and my kitchen is officially a Party Place!  And with each quiz, Delta gives you suggestions for which faucet designs might be the best options given your style.  I know I personally appreciate all the help I can get!  After taking the quizzes and looking at the suggested options, I think the Cassidy style is the best fit for me, and I personally like the Arctic Stainless finish.  I can’t wait to get this project started!  So now it’s your turn…which new faucet would you select?
Delta Faucet: Cassidy Style #Touch20 #DeltaFaucetInspired

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  1. I love the faucet! I had the exact same wishlist for mine (it is under cabinets too!), and there is are such limited choices in a stylish pull-out faucet! However, I love a fancy kitchen faucet and it was one of my must-dos for projects here. I wish mine had a side handle- I have had both now and I prefer the side…it is more control for water flow, along with cleaner!

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