Easter Treats: Peeps

Peeps, those clever little marshmallows bought by the dozens at Easter! We’re sharing some of our favorite recipes using Peeps!

peep smores

Peep S’mores. Genius! Thanks for the clever idea, Steamy Kitchen!

peep cupcakes

We love this simple + colorful idea. Bake your favorite cupcake recipe and top with a sweet Peep! Thanks Fancy Flours!

peep sunflower cake recipe

Lots of leftover yellow peeps? Use them to decorate a chocolate cake for a sunflower-look-a-like cake! (image via Flickr)

peeps birds nests

Make birds nests with your Peeps! Recipe over on Love + Homemade Recipes

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  1. Not a fan of eating peeps! I think they are adorable but I am not a fan of anything marshmallow. Yes, that includes Rocky Road ice-cream. I know, right? What’s wrong with me?! LOL

  2. Love the beautiful color of peeps!! Thank you for the ideas. Going to make colorful treats for my daughter Easter party next month <3

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