Creative Halloween Cakes!

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ghost halloween cake

White Ghost Cake!

“A generous amount of frosting — swirled on to look like ghostly capes — makes a hauntingly cool impact on a basic cake. Dollop on a generous swirl of whipped topping to form ghost bodies, then add dots of black icing to serve as curious eyes. Add black and orange sprinkles or colored sugar for even more of a Halloween touch to this ghastly ghost cake.”

orange monster halloween cake

Eye-Spy a Monster Cake!

How adorable is this orange monster cake? The eyeballs are actually CAKE POPS! Clever!
via Bakerella

halloween cake by i am baker

Chocoholic Lovers Halloween Cake!

Now this cake is just delectable looking. I love the dripping milk chocolate + the sugar covered donut holes (a quick “cake pop” swap).
via I Am Baker 

 Halloween Bundt Cake!

I like big bundts…sorry, sidetracked! I love this crazy Halloween bundt cake! Full of colorful swirls and looks delish too!
via Cooking With Sugar

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  1. My son is having a monster birthday party in a few weeks, and we are going to make a monster cake like the orange one above. I’ve seen versions of it a few places, as cakes or cupcakes. I was wondering if you had any tips for making icing that will hold it’s shape so that the monster’s fur stays “fur-like.” We made a practice version using homemade buttercream frosting (powdered sugar, vanilla, butter, milk), and it sort of melted/flattened out instead of staying spiky. Thanks!

    1. Italian buttercream will hold peaks quite well. It won’t taste the same as the “normal” buttercream that most of us are used to, but it tastes delicious!

  2. So nice and beautiful cake. its looking very delicious. Eye-Spy a Monster Cake! is very very beautiful. I like all of these halloween cakes.
    I want to know its recipes. please don’t miss to reply this.
    thanks for nice sharing.

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