Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

These Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes feature real lemons and strawberries
to create the perfect summer dessert!

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes: These cupcakes are loaded with fresh strawberries and lemon juice to create the perfect summer dessert!I’ve always been a bit of an entrepreneur.  I guess I’m secretly hoping that I’ll discover the next million-dollar idea.  (Aren’t we all?)  When I was a kid growing up in Charleston, SC, I actually did strike a million-dollar idea.  I sold lemonade on the street in front of my house.  Ok, so maybe it wasn’t a million dollar idea, but it sure felt like it to an 8-year old kid!  And maybe other kids in the area did the same thing…*shakes fist at the guy selling pink lemonade around the corner*  

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes: These cupcakes are loaded with fresh strawberries and lemon juice to create the perfect summer dessert!Seriously, though, lemonade stands were serious business back in the late 80’s in Charleston.  In case you’ve never visited, Charleston is hot.  And there are a lot of tourists.  We lived downtown amid all of the gorgeous antebellum homes…which meant we had a steady stream of tourists walking by our house.  Hot tourists.  And nothing looks better than a cup of cold lemonade when you’re hot, right?  I even had an agreement with the drivers of the horse carriages in Charleston.  If they’d stop to let the folks on their carriage buy lemonade, then I’d give them a free glass.  Like I said, the lemonade stand business in downtown Charleston was ruthless!

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes: These cupcakes are loaded with fresh strawberries and lemon juice to create the perfect summer dessert!As I now live on a quiet cul-de-sac in upstate New York, I don’t think my lemonade stand business would be all that prosperous anymore.  So instead I bake things.  A lot of things.  One of the most recent desserts to come out of the Spiced kitchen are these delicious Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes.  And just like a glass of real lemonade, I didn’t rely on any artificial flavorings to make these cupcakes happen.  The cupcakes owe their citrus-y flavor to lemon zest and lemon peel, and the frosting uses real strawberries.  My wife actually called the strawberry frosting “the stuff that’ll make a bakery famous.”  Yeah, it’s that good!

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes: These cupcakes are loaded with fresh strawberries and lemon juice to create the perfect summer dessert!I can’t even begin to tell you how delicious these Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes are!  They’re the perfect summer desert!  In fact, they’re so good that I might have to start a Strawberry Cupcake Lemonade stand in front of my house.  That’s my next million dollar idea!  (If you mention that you saw this post, I’ll give you a discount on your first cupcake, too.)

This recipe was also posted on Food Fanatic.  Click here to check it out!


  1. Even as a child you were quite the entrepreneur!!! I am impressed you struck up a deal with the Charleston horse carriage drivers!
    And I am just as impressed with this frosting – your wife might be right – this might be a million dollar idea!

  2. Sooo, you live in a cul-de-suc, huh? Is it at least a vegan cul-de-sac? 😉
    Just kidding man…
    I’m fairly certain my GF would love one of those lemon cupcakes, especially with that strawberry frosting. She loves anything with lemon and strawberry. I’m saving this recipe for her birthday, it’s going to be such a big hit!

    PS I’m predicting an easy win for both France and Germany today…

    • Hey, how did you know I live on a vegan cul-de-sac?? The cul-de-sac down the street is actually a paleo one…perfect for you! :-)

      And I agree with you on France and Germany…I think today’s matches will be fairly boring overall.

  3. These cupcakes look amazing! Loving the sound of strawberry lemonade- delicious and perfect for summer. :)

  4. It sounds like you were quite the business mind at 8 yrs old! These cupcakes sound delicious! The strawberry lemon pairing just never gets old for me! I crave it as much in December as I do in July!

    • Hah…you give me too much credit! And I love strawberries year-round, too…it’s just that they are so much easier to find in the summer. I remember going with my mom when I was a kid to pick strawberries and we’d come back with a flat of berries like every week. It was awesome!!

  5. This look delicious! I love strawberry and I love lemonade…why didn’t I think to combine these into a cupcake?! Guess, that is why I won’t have the next big idea. Haha Pinning

    • Hahaha! I don’t know if it’s such a huge idea, but I do know that it was delicious. The real question is if I can sell a million of these to make it my million dollar idea! :-)

  6. You were a business man at 8!! Impressive!!! I think you need to continue lol Love these cupcakes :)

  7. Dude these look fantastic! Love that you were a little entrepreneur as a kid… I totally was also. I sold leaves to neighbors. LEAVES. And they were stupid enough to buy it, hahahaha. I also did bake sales and stuff like that. Never tried lemonade stand… guess you had the market cornered on that haha.

    And man, these cupcakes look legit awesome! If only we were neighbors… I would take a few of these off your hands. Even if you did route for Belgium yesterday…

    • Seriously?? Leaves! I gotta know your secret, man. What did your pitch sound like? “Well, sir, I have this awesome collection of pretty leaves I picked up in your front yard. Want to give me money for them?” Haha!

      And for the record, I wasn’t technically pulling for Belgium yesterday! The US…err, Tim Howard…did an amazing job and I’m sad to see them go home. But now that they’re playing Argentina next, you better believe I’m pulling for Belgium in the next round!

  8. Just the other day I saw a kiddie and her lemonade stand! I haven’t seen that in while and thought it was a refreshing site…she’s out trying to make a buck instead of staying in to play video games. Kuddos to her…and you when you were a kiddo.
    I’ll trade you this yummy cupcake for a sprinkle cookie! 😉

    • I always stop whenever I see kids selling lemonade! And when I see them on a back street doing it, it just makes me sad…I mean there might be 4 cars that will go by in an hour. But kudos to them for trying and not just sitting inside! And you’re on for the cookie-cupcake swap. I’ll toss the cupcake at you as you drive by! :-)

      • Hmm, tossing of baked goodies might get tricky… there must be an easier way…for the sake of the cupcakes and cookies. 😉

        • Hahaha! That could get a bit messy…especially if my aim isn’t very good. You’ll be cleaning cupcake off the side of your car when you get to Lake George! :-) In all seriousness, if you’re driving by and want to grab lunch, I’d be down for that. I’ll bring treats! Of course, if you want to just get to vacay-time, then I won’t be offended one bit!

  9. Hello. I just discovered your blog today. Delicious recipes.
    One question for this recipe: you mentioned “whisking together the lemon juice, egg whites, and milk until fully combined” just whisking? no beating required.. just wish them with a regular whisk and add to batter. Sorry if this seemed a stupid question, it’s just I’ve never encountered such a recipe before.
    Thank you

    • Hey Hala! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. :-) Yup, you’ve got it right. You do need to beat the actual batter, but for the step you mention here, all you need to do is just combine those 3 liquid ingredients. No need to beat them at this stage. I hope this helps…but let me know if you have any other questions!! Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy these cupcakes as much as we do!

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