S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches

These fun S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches combine two of your favorite
summer treats into one delicious frozen dessert!

These fun S'mores Ice Cream Sandwiches combine two of your favorite summer treats into one delicious frozen dessert!It’s time to finally let the cat of the bag.  I’ve had this idea floating around in the back of my head since about January.  In fact, I think this idea hit me when I was bundled up in 5 layers of winter clothes and shoveling snow off my front walk.  I’d lost feeling in my toes about 10 minutes before, and I was pretty sure that my nose was frozen solid…then it hit me.  S’mores.  I wanted s’mores.  (Perhaps that was my subconscious pleading for the summer and a backyard campfire…)  However, since I was surrounded by ice at the time, my brain decided to merge the s’mores with the ice and come up with these S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches.  I’ll admit that the thought of eating anything frozen in mid-January wasn’t terribly appealing…but now it’s July, and I welcome frozen desserts!

These fun S'mores Ice Cream Sandwiches combine two of your favorite summer treats into one delicious frozen dessert!So once the winter began to thaw, I set out to create these S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches.  I wasn’t exactly sure how to do it, but I knew the flavors needed to include chocolate, toasted marshmallow and graham crackers.  That’s when it hit me.  Make chocolate ice cream.  Make toasted marshmallow ice cream.  Sandwich those two between a couple of graham crackers.  Bad-a-bing, bad-a-boom…that’s it…time to set this plan in motion!

You may have noticed that I made this decadent Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream a couple of months ago.  Then I followed it up with this Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream.  Well, that wasn’t completely random, folks!  Put those two together, and you’ve almost got these S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches.  A pack of graham crackers and a couple of hours in the freezer later, and you’re all set.  If you’re looking to speed up the process a bit, you could certainly use store-bought chocolate ice cream.  (You’ll probably still need to make your own toasted marshmallow ice cream, though.  That’s ok…homemade ice cream is incredible, and I’m usually hunting for any and all excuses to make another batch!)

These fun S'mores Ice Cream Sandwiches combine two of your favorite summer treats into one delicious frozen dessert!Unlike traditional s’mores, I don’t recommend toasting these bad boys over the campfire…I think the results could be somewhat disastrous.  So here’s to summer picnics, baseball, burgers and dogs on the grill and of course these S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches for dessert!

S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches



  1. Place a layer of graham crackers on the bottom of a small baking dish. (Note: I used a 6"x8" glass baking dish, and it worked great!)
  2. Spoon the softened chocolate ice cream on top of the graham crackers, and use an offset spatula to spread the ice cream into an even layer.
  3. Spoon the softened toasted marshmallow ice cream on top of the chocolate ice cream. Once again, use an offset spatula to spread the ice cream into an even layer.
  4. Top the ice cream with another layer of graham crackers.
  5. Cover dish and place in the freezer until ice cream is frozen again.
  6. Transfer the entire block of graham crackers and ice cream to a cutting board. Cut into smaller sizes for serving. (Tip: I loosened the edges of the ice cream with a butter knife first. Then the entire block came out of the pan quite easily.)
  7. (Optional) Wrap each individual ice cream sandwich in wax paper and store in the freezer until ready to eat.


  1. Ohmigerd! Know what’s better than waking up in the morning? Waking up and drooling into my coffee! Let’s meet for a mid-morning snack, shall we? :)

  2. Ha man! I love that you had the epiphany for this recipe while shoveling the snow.
    I actually think the frostbite on your toes was what sparked the idea for the ice-cream sandwiches. Probably because at that point your feet felt like ice-cream sandwiches. Right?

  3. Smores Ice Cream Sandwiches?! Wow, these are a great idea! The cold, freezing weather is good for you! You need to market these 😀

    • Hah! I would love to market these…but that would require shipping ice cream. Maybe I could collect all that snow in the winter and make ice blocks out of it…hmmm…thanks for the idea, Cindy!! :-)

  4. These are incredible looking!!! Perfect summer treat when campfires are too hot for enjoying! I think I like s’mores so much better this way!

    • Thank you so much, Jocelyn! It takes a bit of advance planning to make these bad boys, but the effort is SO worth it. :-) Happy summer!

  5. Well, I guess it takes a total freeze to get those genius genes going! Well done. GREG

  6. OMG! This is genius! I plan on working on a few ice cream sandwich recipes myself. Hope to try a few this weekend. You’ve inspired me!

    • Woohoo! Thanks, Tamara. Making homemade ice cream is so fun…but then turning that into homemade ice cream sandwiches is crazy awesome! I can’t wait to see what kind of awesome ideas you come up with. :-)

  7. Dude. I think I need to move upstate. This sealed the deal. If you have these in your freezer, I will abandon our new house that we are about to close on and will move immediately upstate. No, not really, but I’m loving the sound of these THAT much. They are definite #wolfpackeats for sure. You ALMOST redeemed your whole Belgian World Cup cheering with this recipe. Almost.

    • Chris! Quit teasing me with these vague promises of having any #WolfpackEats member in the upstate area! These ice cream sandwiches are straight legit, dude. I think they would go great after a big plate of your totchos. :-)

  8. What a delicious idea!!! These would not last in my house. Perfect Summer treat! Take care, Terra

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