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Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich

Featuring tasty basil pesto and crunchy French bread,
this Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich is perfect for dinner on the grill!

Featuring tasty basil pesto and crunchy French bread, these Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwiches are perfect for dinner on the grill!One of the biggest changes I had to get used to when we moved from Georgia to upstate New York is the shorter growing season.  We ended up with a larger yard which led to a larger garden.  Awesome!  But, the growing season is much, much shorter up here.  Not awesome.Continue Reading »

Pesto Chicken Burgers

Looking for a unique recipe for the grill?  Complete with pesto and Parmesan cheese, these Pesto Chicken Burgers are sure to be a hit this summer!So my wife is in Germany this week.  Sure, she’s there for work, but she keeps sending these amazing photos of the town where she is staying…and I can’t help but be jealous!  I mean, she’s in Germany!  She sent me a message yesterday that she wanted to get a cuckoo clock while she’s there.  One can never have enough cuckoo clocks.  Well, to be fair, the number of cuckoo clocks in our collection currently sits at 0.  I thought it might be pretty cool to have one…but then I remembered that it would be cuckoo-ing all night long.  Hmmm, we might need to rethink this plan.Continue Reading »

Potato Gnocchi with Sage Brown Butter Sauce

This light and fluffy Potato Gnocchi is complemented with a delicious (yet simple!)
Sage Brown Butter Sauce.  Buon appetito!

This light and fluffy Potato Gnocchi is complemented with a delicious (yet simple!) Sage Brown Butter Sauce.  Buon appetito!It’s funny how your tastes in food are influenced.  Obviously, you probably take a strong influence from the foods you ate growing up.  But there’s more to it than that.  (Otherwise, I’d be a strictly meat and potatoes kind of guy!)  I had the opportunity to study in Italy one summer while I was in college, and that trip absolutely influenced my foodie tastes.  I mean, c’mon…it’s Italy.  How can you not be influenced by the amazing food in Italy?Continue Reading »

Taco Pizza

Loaded with your favorite taco toppings, this Taco Pizza is one heck of a tasty way to mix up weekend pizza nights!

Topped with seasoned beef and your favorite taco ingredients, this Taco Pizza is a delicious way to celebrate the arrival of warm(er) weather!So a couple of weeks ago, my wife and I took a trip down to Texas to visit family.  My Dad lives in Dallas, and I also have relatives who live in east Texas.  So what exactly am I doing living way up here in upstate New York?  Hmmm…good question.  (Just kidding!)  The trip was great because (1) we got to experience 80+° weather for the first time in, oh, 7 months, but more importantly because (2) we got to catch up with family that we don’t get to see all that often.Continue Reading »