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If you haven’t heard of Kaitlin Flannery, you’re missing out. At only 21 years old, Kaitlin, also known as Whisk Kid, has quite literally taken the food blogging world by storm. She’s had a Rainbow Cake go viral all over the internet, worked with The Motherhood, cooked on a local Michigan news show, and, get this, appeared on Martha Stewart!

I had the chance to talk to this amazing foodie, who is, in addition to blogging, somehow able to juggle work and being a full-time student, about her time as a food blogger!

1 ) Where did your love for baking come from + when did it start?
I started really getting into baking after watching Martha Stewart making cupcakes on her show in 2006. I actually wasn’t even watching TV then – my mom called me in to check out the segment and I’m SO glad she did. I’ve been totally hooked since!

2 ) What made you decide that you wanted to start a blog about food?
I spent a lot of time on Foodgawker and Tastespotting back in the day, so I was always discovering new blogs and new recipes. Eventually I decided that I wanted to get in on the fun myself, so I started a blog in the summer of 2009. I’d just graduated from high school and was only working a few days a week, so I had plenty of time to set the whole thing up. It was a great way to spend the end of that summer!

3 ) I’m sure a lot of people ask you about your photography? What camera do you use + are there any special tips you like to follow when styling a shoot?
I actually just upgraded to a Canon Rebel T3i, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to post any of the photos I’ve taken with it! For now, all of the photos on the blog were taken with a Canon Rebel XTi using either a 50mm lens or a 55-250mm. My best tips are to shoot in natural light and practice, practice, practice!

4 ) Out of all the recipes you’ve shared on your blog, what is your personal favourite, to eat + to bake?
Oh gosh. Tough question. I actually don’t know what to pick. I actually don’t do a lot of recipe repeats, even if something is amazingly good. There’s just so much stuff out there to try that repeating something seems kind of like a waste of time to me. Is that terrible? Anyway, I suppose I do stick to my favorite chocolate cake recipe, and Grandma’s Lemon Crisps never disappoint!

5 ) You appeared on The Martha Stewart Show! What was that experience like, both in meeting Martha + being on national television?
It was quite a shock! It was a fun experience and I’m very fortunate to have had it. I came away from it all feeling very inspired by what she’s created through her work and hopeful that maybe someday I can do something similar. She seems to really enjoy what she does, and I want a life like that, too!

6 ) What’s your best tip to other foodies just starting out?
Be adventurous! Try new ingredients and read, read, read. There’s so much information out there about food, and it’s not hard to find. The internet is responsible for probably 90% of what I know about baking/cooking/food in general. I’m so happy I live in a time where information is so readily and easily shared.

7 ) What’s the best + most influential thing you’ve learned from your time as a food blogger?
The best thing I’ve learned is that my blog brings people joy. It totally makes my day when someone lets me know that a recipe worked for them, or that they really liked a specific post. It’s nice to just be able to make people happy

8 ) As bloggers, we always get memorable comments from readers. Is there a particular comment, positive or negative, that has really stuck with you?
Yeah. I’m not going to say where, but someone I knew in high school commented on my blog “anonymously” awhile back and said some really mean stuff to me. It’s a shame that something so frustrating and pointless sticks out to me so much – human nature to focus on the negatives and all – but I’m fortunate that that’s the only truly memorable bad one. When I read it, it reminded me of how kind and supportive my readers really are!

9 ) I’m sure there are a bunch of food blogs you read. What are a few of your favourites + why?
Aw. Another tough question. In no specific order: Desserts for Breakfast, Mowielicious, Willow Bird Baking, The Little Red House, Trissalicious, BraveTart, Not Without Salt and Sweetapolita. They all keep me inspired, which I love!

10 ) Where do you see yourself in 10+ years?
You know, every day it seems clearer and clearer that I don’t belong in a cubicle. I’d like to think that I’ll be working in MY bakery by then. If not that… I just want to be happy!

Thanks for reading + make sure to check out more of Kaitlin’s work at Whisk Kid!

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  1. I adore whisk kid – – she comes up with the greatest recipes!! This is a lovely interview :)

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