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Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

Looking for an amazing weekend breakfast without having to wake up early?
Then whip up a batch of these Overnight Cinnamon Rolls!

Looking for an amazing weekend breakfast without having to wake up early?   Then whip up a batch of these Overnight Cinnamon Rolls!Did you know that cinnamon is really just tree bark?  Yup, the bark is stripped off of young branches and then laid in the sun to dry.  That’s how it turns into the cinnamon stick that we all know and love.  I only learned this fun fact a couple of years ago when a friend went on vacation to the Caribbean and got to see cinnamon being made (err, dried).  How cool is that? Continue Reading »

Loaded Tots with Coca-Cola Glazed Bacon

I’ve partnered with Coca-Cola and Collective Bias to create these Loaded Tots with Coca-Cola Glazed Bacon.  These loaded tots are the perfect snack for your college basketball parties! Coca-Cola is a corporate champion of the NCAA.
#FinalFourPack #CollectiveBias

These Loaded Tots are topped with a tasty queso cheese sauce and Coca-Cola glazed bacon bits!  They're the perfect snack for watching sports!In the words of the great William Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances…”  Although I suspect that ole Bill was not a huge college basketball fan (the game wasn’t even invented until about 200 years later), his words ring particularly true at this time of the year.  Think about it.  The college bball tourney is kinda like a stage.  It starts as a stage with 68 players.  All of the big teams are there, but so are the champions from the mid-major conferences.  Over the course of 3-weeks, they battle it out and, one by one, teams make their exits.  Who knew that William Shakespeare had so much in common with college basketball?Continue Reading »

Glazed Cinnamon Roll Bread

I’ve partnered with SocialStars and Folgers® to share this tasty Glazed Cinnamon Roll Bread.  It’s the perfect treat for morning, noon and night!  #MyIcedCafe

Swirled with cinnamon, this Glazed Cinnamon Roll Bread is the perfect treat for morning, noon and night! #MyIcedCafeDo you guys use any of those apps that let you track other people’s locations? I don’t mean anything illegal, but rather the apps where you allow other people to track your location? The other night at trivia, a friend showed me how his worked. His fiancee was still on her way to meet us, so he just pulled up the app to see where she was. There she was on the map. “Oh, she hasn’t crossed the bridge yet. It’ll still be a few minutes.” Kinda cool, huh?Continue Reading »

Stuffed Grape Leaves

I’ve partnered with Social Stars and Whirlpool® to create these Stuffed Grape Leaves
as part of The Whirlpool® Every Day, Care™ Project.  #EveryDayCare

Filled with the flavors of lemon, dill and parsley, these Stuffed Grape Leaves are a fun way to enjoy classic Greek food at home! #EveryDayCareEver since I’ve known her, my wife has loved all sorts of international foods.  Chinese, Korean, Indian…you name it, she loves it.  Thinking back, it’s kinda ironic that we ended up together as I grew up on a strict diet of American classics.  I’m talking meat and potatoes here.  Ok, maybe there was an occasional veggie thrown in there, too.  Don’t get me wrong–I love American food!  But pork chops and barbecued chicken is a far cry from various curries and stir-fried dishes.  Over the past 9 years, I’ve definitely expanded my food horizons.  I can’t say that I’ve loved everything that I’ve tried, but I’ve certainly added some new dishes to my repertoire.  Actually, I dare say that I now crave some of those dishes, too!Continue Reading »